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Here are some more wardrobes for you to look at.


Item # A102 SOLD
This wardrobe is quite detailed.
It has nice columns to the sides and lovely
arched panels to the doors.

Item # A107 SOLD
This pine wardrobe is a bit different,
is has really nice raised panels on the lower
part of the doors. This has nothing inside at the moment so you will find this on the kitchen pages too in case someone want to use it as a larder.

Item # A152 SOLD
Nice colour! This deco style robe
 came up lovely, it was good pine underneath
that paint.

Item # A105 SOLD
This is a really nice wardrobe,
it has three panels on each door, and a
drawer underneath. It has been bought as a larder so it was extended in depth and height and had spice racks on the insides of the doors.

Item # A103 SOLD
This pine wardrobe is painted so well,
it looks like walnut! It actually sold as a TV cabinet, if you click on the after photo you can see the inside.

Item # A104 SOLD
This is a lovely single door robe, good
panels to the door.
good, heavy cornice too

Item # A151 SOLD
This is a good solid wardrobe, it was a bit too tall to fit up our customers stairs, so we made a cut above the drawer and now it can go upstairs.

Item # A106 - SOLD
This is a lovely wardrobe with deep
panels and three columns down the front.
This is going to come up looking
really good.

Item # A153 - SOLD
Unfortunately this robe had one door
missing, but it has such nice detail to the door and sides.
It has been reserved as a single door larder.
watch this space for the after picture.

Item # A156 - SOLD
Another good size single door robe.
Our customers have asked for two drawers
to be built on the inside and also the door to be cut so it opens with two smaller doors.
If you click on the finished photo you can see what it is like inside.

Item # A149 SOLD
Good size, plain looking single door robe.
Now its not a wardrobe anymore - this is now a really good looking larder or pantry cupboard or display cabinet for a dining room or living room.


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