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These wardrobes are currently for sale (unless indicated otherwise) they may end up as bookshelves, or glazed cupboards or stay as wardrobes. Remember to check back....the "after" photos are always worth a look.


Item # W114 SOLD
This is a deco looking wardrobe with the shaped panels on both of the doors.
43"w x 18"d x 76"h.


Item #'s T140/T141 SOLD
This pair of wardrobes have come out great.  Pairs of original wardrobes are getting really hard to find. You can click to see the "before" pic.
47" x 19" x 78"


Item # TI801 - SOLD
This wonderful old English cupboard was sat in our store, just waiting for the right person to come along.

And it was worth the wait. The cupboard was cut down in length but increased in height to make the most magnificent wardrobe that goes from one side of the bedroom to the other.

Item # W121 SOLD
This is quite a nice looking wardrobe, with a rounded top and corners.
47"w x 20"d x 76"h.



 Item # T186 SOLD
This robe can also be found on our larders page, as it may turn out to be either. Whatever happens with that lovely panelled door its going to look just great.
40" x 20" x 68"




Item # W104 SOLD
This wardrobe turned out great, it is very heavy looking with its deep set panels and the side columns.
4'w x 20"d x 68"h.


Item # W105 SOLD
This is a very well built wardrobe with nice panels and a good panelled drawer underneath. Didn't this turn out absolutely great, it was made into a knock-down too.
49"w x 20"d x 72"h

Item # W111 SOLD
This wardrobe looks very art-deco, it can only improve once we change those lovely plastic handles!! Wow what an improvement it was too.
47"w x 19"d x 77"h.

I have posted this photo here just to show you that you can have narrow wardrobes that fit into an alcove or small space in the bedroom.


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