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These wardrobes are currently for sale (unless indicated otherwise) they may end up as bookshelves, or glazed cupboards or stay as wardrobes. Remember to check back....the "after" photos are always worth a look.



Item # S130 SOLD
This is a nice looking wardrobe, its got nice shaped panels and a good sized drawer underneath.
45"w x 18.5"d x 77"h.


Item # S116 SOLD
This wardrobe was sold to a lady in Scotland that had a height restriction of 5' so it was cut down and I think it looks really cute.

Item # S128 SOLD
This was sold to the same lovely lady in Scotland with the same requirement.

Item # S127 SOLD
This wardrobe has just been finished.
It is already a "knock-down" so it can be dismantled
and fit upstairs in any house.
4'w x 21"d x 6'h.

Item # S177 - SOLD
This wardrobe ended up being a cloakroom cupboard, the door was cut down the centre to allow for opening in the small space it was in.



Item # S176 - SOLD
This wardrobe turned out really lovely.


Item # S123 SOLD
Bit of an amazing transformation.

Item # S114 & S115 - SOLD

This was a lovely looking pair of

Item # O186 SOLD
Don't panic, those scary plastic handles are not going to stay. Stripped and waxed and some wooden knobs on this one and you won't recognise it.
45"w x 19"d x 75"h


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