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Item # NAT801 SOLD
This thin robe has just come in, it was
a part of a bigger piece at some stage, but it
now makes a great cupboard
for a small space, there is a drawer at the
bottom on the inside of the door.
22"w x 21"d x 76"h
If you click on the image you can see the before pic.

Item # P144 - SOLD
Here is another example of a wardrobe that has been cut down to fit in a smaller room.
If you click on the image you can see how this
little robe started off.

Item # K208 SOLD
This old wardrobe looks like it could tell a few stories! It can now, it has been made into a knock-down and been taken apart carried up two flights of stairs in Kingston and re-assembled in the top floor flat. Looks fab.
47"w x 21"d x 70"h


Item # W110 SOLD
This ugly duckling turned into a a bit of a swan in the end, hardly recognisable as the same one.
46"w x 20"d x 74"h

Item # A158 SOLD
Very plain, but very clean, this one came up really well, even if it would not fit up the stairs without being cut down.

Item # A160 SOLD
Someone has gone to a lot of effort
to get this paint effect on this wardrobe.

Item # P193 SOLD
This cupboard showed huge potential for a large wardrobe.

with a bit of extending out the back and some tender loving care - how good does this look now?

Item # A148/A147 SOLD
This is a matching pair. Both very
plain with no drawer, they are quite tall too.
The after photo does not really do this justice, it was taken on a cold Sunday morning in Clapham.

Item # A154/A155 - SOLD
This is one of a matching pair too.
These have a drawer under and will come up
really well.
This pair has been sold to make a triple robe with so watch this space for the finished photo.

Pretty good transformation don't you think!
Two become one, all knock down so it can go anywhere, the addition of a plinth and a cornice and it is almost unrecognisable.

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