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Item # A173 SOLD
Okay, I guess I agree with you, its not the prettiest of the bunch is it? But, you know how good we are with ugly ducklings and beautiful swans.....You are not going to believe the after photo of this one I guarantee would not believe what was under those doors. Watch this space.
44"w x 19"d x 71"h

Item # K199 SOLD
This is a very decorative piece. The doors are the early hang-on style with very curly edges. This looks fantastic now it has been restored and waxed.
45"w x 18"d x 65"h

Item # K211 SOLD
This wardrobe has interesting panels on the doors. The lower ones are almost square, with tall arch top panels above them. This turned out really well.
46"w x 20"d x 69"h

Item # A175 SOLD
This is a nice wardrobe. There is a cute stencil on the cornice if you look closely which makes it a bit more interesting. This has come on leaps and bounds. Our customers wanted a nice English cornice and plinth and now it looks fab.
44"w x 18"d x 78"h

Item # A169 SOLD
Blimey! I am not sure what was kept in this little piece, but they sure didn't want anyone coming along and getting in. We will remove the locks don't worry.
44"w x 17"d x 73"h

Item # A166 SOLD
 The sides of this pair are panelled as well as the doors, which is always nice if you can see the wardrobes from the sides once they are restored. We split the pair and they went to two different homes, but didn't they turn out really well.
47"w x 22"d x 80"h


Item # A170 SOLD
I think this one can only benefit from a complete overhaul. Its got a good shape, with a drawer on the bottom.  The choices are endless. Well here we have a re-sized, single door wardrobe for little Noah.
43"w x 18"d x 75"h

Item # H118 SOLD
This is a really good looking robe. It is quite heavy set, with nice detailed panels and a good size drawer to the bottom. This has come up looking really good, a great, sturdy piece of furniture.
48"w x 20"d x 72"h

Item # A172 Both SOLD
That is a very high gloss finish on those robes! Beyond that, it is a really nice pair of pine wardrobes with a single drawer at the bottom of both. If you click on the after photo you can see the pair before we started.
46"w x 18"d x 75"h

Item # A176 SOLD
This is a nice simple robe with a single drawer under the doors. It really is the ugly duckling into a swan isn't it? Our lovely customer knew the look she wanted, so we painted it and put a fancy plinth around the base. Stunning.
43"w x 19"d x 76"h

Item # A174 SOLD
These are nice doors on this wardrobe. This does look great now it has been restored, sorry about the rainy photo....I HATE this weather!
46"w x 19"d x 77"h

Item # SM7908 SOLD
This is something that you don't see a lot of anymore, a single door original pine English wardrobe. It could also be used as a cupboard or anything at all really.
38"w x 21"d x 80"h


Item # PM9507 SOLD
This is such a wonderful English pine wardrobe. It comes apart for ease of transport. It has a good size drawer at the bottom, with the original mirror too
53"w x 18"d x 78"h

Item # A106 SOLD
This is a really good looking single door robe. It has lovely oval panels over two round ones at the bottom. It has a nice cornice with good detail. Wow this has turned out absolutely stunning, and it looked perfect in our customers new home.
40"w x 21"d x 69"h

Item # K195 SOLD
This is quite an early piece. It has the doors that hang on the front with really nice old hinges, no drawer on this one. Now thats what I call a transformation. We have done a nice paint job on it and added a bit of height too. If you click on the before photo, you can see it finished without the little gallery on top.
43"w x 17"d x 64"h


 Item # K193 SOLD
This is a smart looking piece. It was quite low, but we have built it up by putting an old drawer on the bottom of it, this is on soft close runners and it is now a really good sized wardrobe, or a go-anywhere cupboard really.
48"w x 21"d x 87"h

Item # R204 SOLD
This is going to look fantastic when it has been restored. The shapes on the panels are wonderful and it has the columns down the sides too. Well this is a real case of ugly duckling into beautiful swan. This robe turned out really good looking.
47"w x 19"d x 72"h


Item # AY7212 SOLD
This is a really lovely wardrobe. It is already a knock-down, so no worries about getting it upstairs as it comes in many pieces. It is a really great size, slightly bigger than a double wardrobe but not as huge as a triple wardrobe. It looks great now it has been stripped and restored.
61"w x 22"d x 74"h

Item # A107 SOLD
I know, its not the best looking wardrobe that you have ever seen, but I have great hopes that this little beast will end up the belle of the ball.
46"w x 19"d x 77"h

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