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I have made this page a reference point for the alterations and total transformations that are possible to do with a humble cupboard! On here you will find wooden panels changed to glass, pairs made into triple wardrobes, double wardrobes made into single wardrobes, triples made into three individual cupboards, solid doors made into stable doors, deep wardrobes cut down to make shallow ones, shallow ones extended to make deep ones. So the answer is always yes, now what's the question??? Remember, even if it is 150years old, you can still own a wardrobe to suit your needs. Enjoy, and please email if you have any questions at all, thank you.

Item # K210 SOLD
This is a good sturdy wardrobe. It has nice lines down the sides and two rounded panelled doors, no drawer. This robe turned into a fantastic larder, we glazed the top part of the doors and put mesh in the lower part.
48"w x 22"d x 72"h


Item # K189 SOLD
You have to click on the photo to appreciate just how amazing the transformation was from ugly duckling to beautiful swan on this one. What started as a plain triple cupboard has ended up as three separate units, the middle one is going to house a fridge and the two smaller ones looked fabulous either side of a window.


 Item # H114 SOLD
I have put this little fella here on the wardrobes page, but I will probably put it somewhere on the general cupboards page too as it is quite vertically challenged.
36"w x 20"d x 63"h

For Sale Item # S121 
We have turned this wardrobe into a computer cupboard. There is a shelf at the top and then a slide out platform for the keyboard to go on and a good size two door cupboard underneath to keep all the machinery that you need. Of course this could also work as a larder, with the slide as a prep area.

Item # K209 SOLD
This robe has a really good look about it, again this could easily be transformed into a larder or glazed cupboard. This cupboard has turned out so gorgeous - and now its a larder - click on the after photo to see the inside. Lovely.
45"w x 18"d x 65"h


Item # R203 SOLD
Here is another, really good, sturdy wardrobe. It has a heavy cornice around the top and nice detail down wither side of the doors.
49"w x 20"d x 69"h

Item # R209 SOLD
Granted - not the best looking wardrobe that you ever did see, but you know, with a couple of tweaks here and there, we will find the beautiful swan that is hiding there. Wow this is going to look amazing, our "trusting" customers have asked us to cut this down into a slim larder for them, just watch this space you will not recognise it...Now is that the most amazing transformation you have ever seen??? From an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan I think you would have to agree!
45"w x 21"d x 77"h


Item # K196 SOLD
This is a nice wide wardrobe, it does not have a drawer but it does have lovely deep oval shaped panels and nice column detail down the sides Well this ended up as a larder with the doors split into four - check out the larders pages to see the inside.
53"w x 20"d x 72"h

Item # C122 SOLD
This is a good looking little robe, it has one single door, with two panels on it, the paint is in very good condition if someone wanted to keep it in this green colour. Well what a change, it was painted white in the end and we split the door into two.
40"w  x 20"d x 65"h


Item # R210 SOLD
This may not look that interesting now, but once it has been stripped and waxed it will transform itself. This actually sold to become a larder, so look at it now.
43"w x 19"d x 73"h

Item # K212 SOLD
This is a good example of how diverse our wardrobes become, this robe is going to be cut down and become a set of shelves. Wow, hasn't this turned out lovely, we cut a bit off of the depth and voila.
47"w x 20"d x 70"h



Item # W117 SOLD
I know, but give it a chance, a swan will arise from this ugly duckling - trust me! Well I wasn't wrong was I, and no I have not made a mistake with the photo, this is really how this wardrobe ended up, and it looks fantastic in our "diving" customers house.
44"w x 20"d x 71"h.

Item # W118 SOLD
Well it used to be a wardrobe! Our customers wanted a tall bank of drawers, so this is what we created.


This pair of wardrobes on the right here ended up being knocked apart completely and made into the triple that you see below.

So if you only have room for three doors then we can make pairs into triples for you relatively simply - and they also come into pieces which generally means that the largest piece that we have to get upstairs is a door!

 Item # E107 SOLD
This is a sweet little wardrobe. If we just changed the knobs it would look a great deal better, but that's just my opinion. This one has just sold and we have to cut in in half, so watch this space for how good this one is going to look.. .Pretty good eh?
45"w x 19"d x 76"h


Built-in Wardrobe # ED109 
I just wanted to post this photo so that you can see that we do fitted wardrobes too. This is an oak one that we were commissioned to make for a London flat. It was scribed in so that it fitted the wall and floor snugly. If you would like a quote for something like this, please just email and I will let you know costings.


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