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If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us. If you carry on thru the other wardrobe pages you can see how we utilise wardrobes to make bookcases and smaller wardrobes. We can even make them into knock-down wardrobes so that they can fit up the stairs and be re-assembled.

Item # A171 SOLD
I think someone thought that stripping furniture is really easy and gave it a go...then realised that its not that here we have a half painted, half stripped wardrobe with a single drawer under. Now I think we have to agree that it looks quite stunning now that it has been restored, and made into a knock-down too.
45"w x 20"d x 79"h

Item # T112 SOLD
 This has turned out beautifully, this one is split on the inside with shelves on the left and we have put a small rail in on the right.
45"w x 21"d x 78"h

For Sale Item # A180
This is a nice looking pair. No drawers here just doors with a really nice detail to them along the edge. The feet can stay or go - remember, its up to you.
44"w x 19"d x 73"h

 Item # A153 SOLD
Now this is a very grand looking triple robe. It has two good sized outer doors, great for hanging clothes. The centre mirror is also a door offering lots more storage then there is a little pull-out slide on top of the two drawers at the bottom. Doesn't this look amazing, what a transformation. We had to alter the long doors as they were veneered and built in a strange way.
65"w x 22"d x 76"h

Item # A167 SOLD
This is a good robe, and we are going to make it into a triple, knock-down, along with A168 - next to it.
45"w x 21"d x 78"h

Item # A168 SOLD
Would you look how these wardrobes turned out. No, your eyes are not deceiving you, the two painted wardrobes above were knocked apart, re-jigged and made into this wonderful knock-down triple robe for our lovely customers in Bath.


For Sale Item # W108
This is a lovely walnut veneered wardrobe, with a lovely shaped top and great panelled doors. What a transformation. We have painted this one and it looks great.
45"w x 18"d x 6'h.


  Item # A179 (pair) SOLD
This is one of a pair. I always think wardrobes look more elegant if they do not have a drawer at the bottom, I guess its because the doors look longer and more graceful.
45"w x 19"d x 76"h

Item # A179 (pair) SOLD
Again can be sold independently of its twin sister above. Nice looking Robe. We had to alter the width on both of these lovely robes, this one looked so cute, and now they both fit in the alcoves.
45"w x 19"d x 76"h

 Item # T111 SOLD
This is another really good wardrobe. Its well made and with a drawer at the bottom. Don't worry about the paint you can see from the photo below that behind that paint is a lovely old yellow pine. Sorry about the after shot, it was a very early, dark morning in Wales when I remembered I did not have a photo.
45"w x 21"d x 78"h


 Item # A177 SOLD
This wardrobe reminds me of an old school cupboard. It was really well made, it has a good strong cornice around the top and nice panelled doors.
44"w x 19"d x 74"h

Item # T122 SOLD
This is a nice little wardrobe. Although it may look plain now, once we have stripped and restored it and finished it in either wax or paint, it will look great. This is going to be a great piece when its finished, we have to make a bookcase out of it, keeping one whole door, losing the other one and reducing the width by a little bit.
45"w x 20"d x 71"h

  Item # T233 (pair) SOLD
I almost did not post these robes here. They have no doors, and will probably end up as shelves, but if you wanted, we could always build some more doors and return the piece to its former glory. How great do these shelves look, we cut them down in depth, keeping the lovely drawer at the bottom. Great.
45"w x 19"d x 75"h

 Item # MN10515 SOLD
Its nice to find a good old Englsih wardrobe that is still in good condition. This little three piece is going to look stunning once we have stripped it back and restored it all. It has great proportions and the drawer is really deep at the bottom, can't wait to see it finished.
42"w x 20"d x 82"h

Item # A225 SOLD
This is a very grand piece. It is veneered, so we will probably end up painting it like we did with W108 third down on this page. It has great detail in the panelling and is in really good condition. Its a bit wider than the norm too. Well that has thrown the cat among the pigeons! We have glazed the top part of the doors and painted it inside and out. We have kept the original panels and painted those too, so if you wanted it to revert back to a wardrobe, no problem.
51"w x 20"d x 70"h


Item # E103 SOLD
I know this has got glass panels in it at the moment, but these could be replaced with timber and it would make a nice wardrobe - its a bit wider than the "norm". What do I know, this is now a larder and is winging its way to Japan!
50"w x 18"d x 72"h



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