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Item # H171 SOLD
This is a good pair of wardrobes, they do not look at their best right now as they were stripped quite a while ago and have been left. I am sure we can work some of our magic in there somewhere - watch this space.
51"w x 20"d x 73"h


Item # MW104 SOLD
This is a very rare English Pine Victorian Wardrobe. It comes in three parts, the hat comes off and the drawers at the bottom do too - very rare to have two smaller drawers at the bottom. A great piece.
49"w x 22"d x 81.5"h


Item # PM4710 SOLD
This is a really useful piece of furniture, a nice slim wardrobe - or, indeed a cupboard for any room in the house really.
32"w x 16"d x 73"h


Item # E223 SOLD 
This is a beautiful pair of very clean robes, they are in really good condition, and are going to look stunning once we have restored them. Haven't these two turned out fantastically? Click on the photo to see what they looked like before.
49"w x 18"d x 76"h


 Item # E112 SOLD
This is a stunning wardrobe, it is really well built with lovely little dominoes across the top cornice and really solid doors. It also has a good size drawer at the bottom. We ended up cutting this lovely robe down to just 17" in depth, so that it did not block the view to a window in our customers spare bedroom, it looks fabulous.
49"w x 20"d x 72"h


 Item # E115 SOLD
This is quite a fun looking wardrobe with nice long oblong panels in the doors. This has turned out absolutely stunning, and is now a knock down.
46"w x 19"d x 68"h


Item # E104 SOLD
Wonder what ever became of Szandy and Attila? I am sure they will forgive us for stripping their handy work and making good. They probably would not even recognise their wardrobe now it has been finished.
45"w x 21"d x 77"h


Keep an eye out for the finished photo of these two robes. Its never easy trying to explain to people that we get two wardrobes and actually make a triple robe out of them, I hope this makes it a little easier to understand.

.Pretty good transformation!
Two double wardrobes become one large,
knock-down triple.

Item # K192 SOLD
This looks a little "flaky" right now, but with a complete restoration, this wardrobe is going to look really good.
47"w x 18"d x 71"h


Item # H115 SOLD
This wardrobe is going to turn out really nice, once we have this paint off of it. It is always going to look quite plain, but a lot of people really like this look. Wow didn't this wardrobe come out looking lovely? Stripped and restored and re painted in go buy some more clothes Vicky!
48"w x 20"d x 79"h


Item # E105 SOLD
I know this is quite plain, but if you were looking for a plain cupboard with no frills, then it would be perfect for you. What a lovely swan this one turned into eh. Its hardly recognisable as the same piece.
45"w x 18"d x 75"h


 Item # E114 SOLD
It always seems such a crime for us to come along and strip all this paint off of these wardrobes after all the hard work involved.
44"w x 19"d x 75"h

 Item # E110 SOLD
We do not see many single door cupboards anymore. I bet that whoever buys this little robe will want the door split down the centre....{see C122 on page 2 of wardrobes to see what this would look like.} With this one we needed to re-hang the door on the other side, looked fab.
41"w x 19"d x 71"h


 Item # R136 SOLD
This is a very good looking piece of furniture. It is all shelved out so it could be used for more than one purpose. It would make a great storage cupboard, again even a larder in a kitchen.
50"w x 18"d x 73"h



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