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Item # R207 SOLD
This is a grand looking piece. In the right room it is going to look a million dollars. It is really detailed, without being too over the top.
44"w x 16"d x 74"h


Item # O181 SOLD
Don't panic, we do have the other door. This has actually become a tall bookcase with a drawer under.
46"w x 20"d x 78"h


Item # SM7308 SOLD
This was another rare find, an English wardrobe, all in its original state.


Item # O189 SOLD
This wardrobe is a bit different with the panelled effects on the doors and a nice narrow drawer underneath
45"w x 20"d x 78"h


This was one of the nicest triple robes that we have ever bought.
It came up so well and sold within minutes.
It all knocked down so it was easy to get upstairs.

Item #'s O184 & O192 SOLD
This is a good looking pair of wardrobes, with the doors being inset and a row of tram lines across the top of each of them. What a transformation - click on the photo to this for an ugly duckling story.... Please note that the one on the right hand side is on a crooked piece of ground and it is not that wonky!
45"w x 19"d x 75"h

Item # O152 SOLD
This lovely pine wardrobe has a drawer at the bottom, and a lovely bracket foot.
42"w x 18"d x 77"h


Item # O188 SOLD
This wardrobe is a little wider than the norm, although someone has spent ages painting it, it will look stunning when stripped. We have actually re-sized this completely and turned it into a larder.
46"w x 19"d x 79"h

Item # R148 SOLD
This triple wardrobe is really amazing. It is quite large, offering lots and lots of storage space. It comes apart completely, so the biggest piece is the top piece. This has actually been sold as a larder - its going to look fantastic when we have kitted it all out inside - watch this space.
84"w x 25"d x 85"h


Item #'s O187 & O182 SOLD
Now that is what I call scary paint! How could you have that in your bedroom when you wake up in the middle of the night!!
46"w x 20"d x 77"h


Item # O183 SOLD
Its hard to believe that this is all paint on these wardrobes, it must take so long. This little ugly duckling is going to be transformed, we have to strip it, fix it up and paint it an off-white colour for our customer -  you will hardly recognise it when its done.
43"w x 19"d x 77"h

Item # K156 SOLD
How smart is this little cupboard - I may post this on the larders page too. It is definitely one of those go anywhere pieces.
31"w x 20"d x 72"h


Item # MW809 SOLD
This is a really nice piece. It is made from pitch pine, so is quite heavy, its an old compactum where the two vertical pieces are separate. The right hand side offers hanging space with a pull-down box at the bottom and the left side has four linen slides and two good size drawers at the bottom, a really versatile piece.
50"w x 22"d x 82"h


Item # H124 SOLD 
This large triple robe will come up lovely once it has been restored. It does not break down at the moment, but it will do by the time we restore it and sell it. This has turned out beautifully now, and yes it does knock down into many pieces.
74"w x 19"d x 79"h


 Item # O213 SOLD
4'w x 18"d x 69"h

Item # O207 SOLD
Well this started off as a double wardrobe, but with the aid of another wardrobe and a little bit of talent, this was the result and doesn't it look fantastic in its new home, click to remind yourself of how it started.
47"w x 21"d x 77"h



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