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Here is a selection of the wardrobes that we currently have for sale. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us. If you carry on thru the other wardrobe pages you can see how we utilise wardrobes to make bookcases and smaller wardrobes. We can even make them into knock-down wardrobes so that they can fit up the stairs and then be re-assembled.

   Item # AY1316 SOLD
This is a sturdy, strong, all original, knock down wardrobe. It has lots of shelves inside, or we could put a rail in for you - but the great bit is that it all comes apart for ease of transport, so the largest part is the solid back, the drawers are all in one piece. It is a stunning piece.
50"w x 24"d x 7'h

 For Sale Item # AY4616
Okay, I am going to need you to trust me on this one. I promise that this is actually an old pine, knock down wardrobe, and that it is all there and will look rather good once we have restored it.
52"w x 22"d x 6'6"h

 For Sale Item # BA4915
Okay so this is not the best looking wardrobe that you ever saw, BUT a little faith and a lot of hard work is going to get this little fella looking just great. It has nice shaped panels on the doors and a nice drawer on the bottom
44"w x 19"d x 78"h {112cm x 48cm x 198cm}

 Item # AY1915 SOLD
This is a stunning, and quite large wardrobe, with the bonus that it is already a knock-down ie: it already comes into pieces so that it can be dismantled and fitted upstairs with ease. It is all pine and will look great once we have stripped and restored it.  Its quite unusual to get two small drawers under the doors too.
48"w x 26"d x 75"h {122cm x 66cm x 190cm}

For Sale Item # A105
This is a really good pair of pine wardrobes, they are really sturdy and well made. The finials and the gallery at the top can be removed if you want them too. This is all paint on the doors, it is lovely yellow pine underneath.
44"w x 19"d x 70"h

 For Sale Item # BA3915
I am loving this crazy paint job on this old pine wardrobe, its wild - don't panic, it will not be staying. We will strip it all off and restore it to its former glory.
44"w x 19"d x 77"h {112cm x 48cm x 195cm}

  Item # BA2915 (pair) SOLD
This is the pair to the one above. They are identical in size and design, as I said before it is possible to separate them, but it is not too often that pairs become available.

 For Sale Item # BA6915 (pair)
This is one of a nice looking pair of pine wardrobes, the door panels have a nice shaping to the top , they are built well and have a drawer underneath the doors. . . .and no, the handles will not be staying!
44"w x 19"d x 77"h {112cm x 48cm x 195cm}

For Sale Item # BA7915 (pair)
This is the pair to the one above, as always, we are happy to split this lovely pair up, but they do make a great statement when side by side.





 For Sale Item # T119
Okay, I know that this little wardrobe is not going to win any hearts looking like this. Please have faith, once we have worked our magic on this piece, you will be so shocked at the end result. Trust me.
46"w x 18"d x 75"h


For Sale Item # T133
Here we have a good size, triple wardrobe. It is already split into three sections, so it should not be too much hassle getting it upstairs.
69"w x 19"d x 79"h

   Item # A224 SOLD
I love this piece, I think its because it has two thin drawers under the doors. I just think this has so many possibilities, and if I can love it in this orange paint, how good is it going to look when we have finished it. How great does this look now, a real cracking old wardrobe.
48"w x 20"d x 79"h

  Item # T230 SOLD
This is a lovely looking single door robe. This could also be used for a kitchen store cupboard, or we could glaze the panels and you could have it in a bathroom. This has now been shelved out inside and is going to be used as a linen cupboard.
43"w x 18"d x 74"h

 Item # T114 (pair) SOLD
This is one of a pair of wardrobes, but they can be sold on their own. If you look closely at the paint it is like aboriginal art, sort of fish-bone-like. Look how they turned out, our customers wanted them painted like this to match their bed.
45"w x 20"d x 76"h

 Item # T115 (pair) SOLD
Again this is the matched pair to the one above. They have a nice original cornice and a nice bracket foot. The drawer underneath is always handy.
45"w x 20"d x 76"h

 Item # T231 SOLD
These single door robes are so good looking. They really would look good in any room of the house. Remember we can re-paint, or wax, we can glaze the door. The options are really endless. We have left it all original for now, waxed finished and with a brass rail for hanging clothes.
42"w x 18"d x 70"h

 Item # T108 SOLD
This is amazing, we believe it is Czech in origin. It is a really, big, sturdy piece, it has already been made into a knock-down, but not in the conventional way. This beast comes apart vertically! Its a monster
53"w x 24"d x 73"h

For Sale Item # T124
This is the pair to the one above, but can be sold on its own. We recently painted a robe that was very similar to this one and it looked fantastic.
48"w x 21"d x 73"h

For Sale Item # BA5915
Trust me on this one, it will look beautiful when we have restored it, all of the original pieces are there and it has plenty of potential.
44"w x 18"d x 74"h {112cm x 46cm x 188cm}

For Sale Item # A178
This is a great looking cupboard, I think it may even sell as a larder or something, it just has the look about it. You can just make out that the lower panels on the doors are like the old outhouse doors.
45"w x 20"d x 73"h


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