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If you have any specific questions or requests, please do not hesitate to email us. This page contains a selection of the most recent pine soldiers boxes that we have restored.


 Item # SB109 SOLD
This is a really great upholstered trunk. We have restored the box itself, but have left the top as it was - it is a very comfy place to sit I can tell you that, and the trunk itself is a really great size.
49"w x 23"d x 20"h


Item # BJ104 SOLD
This is a classic English Pine trunk. It has metal banding on the corners and it is a really great size. Big handles on the sides and a nice escutcheon.
37"w x 20"d x 16"h

 Item # PM109 SOLD
This is a really clean box, it has a little candle box on the inside and comes with a really grim history to it. You can elect not to know about it.
34"w x 18"d x 17"h


Item # SL170 SOLD 
This little box is just divine - we are talking about the smaller one on top of the metal banded one - which has sold. It has some carving to the front and even has the teeniest candle box on the inside that you have ever seen.
16"w x 10"d x 8"h

 Item # A206 SOLD
We also have quite number of smaller, pine soldiers boxes, but life is too short to photograph and measure each one - suffice to say that smaller boxes are nearly always available.


 Item # BM0112 SOLD
This is a lovely little trunk. It has metal banding on the corners and is quite light. The before photo if you click on the photo will show you the wonderful paint that was on it when we bought it.
36"w x 18"d x 17"h


Item # BM0212 SOLD
This is almost a matching pair tot he one above. It is slightly smaller but came in the same paint - click for the before photo and it almost identical.
33"w x 17.5"d x 16"h

Item # A151 SOLD
This is a lovely clean little Mule chest on legs. This has the lift-up lid opening into the main compartment. There is a false drawer effect on the front at the bottom. How great does this look now it has been totally restored. You can see the before photo by clicking on the picture - Hope you like it Sian.
37"w x 21"d x 25"h




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