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Item # JT701 SOLD
These three trunks have just arrived.
This one measures:
37"w x 18"d x 16"high.
(If you click on the image, it will take you to the picture of it before it was restored)



Item # PM7117 SOLD
This is a nice old trunk. You may not be able to see very well, but it has a really nice detailed plinth along the bottom, it would have been on little feet originally. Okay so the curly plinth had to go for this customer but it still came out looking fab.
34"w x 18"d x 17"h


Item # H147 SOLD
So what this trunk has is length...and lots of it at that. It is a super size, longer than most double beds, but a really old one and in really good condition, would be great in front of a window to sit on. Wow how good does this look now. Our customers wanted to keep the original paint, so we cleaned it all up and waxed over it and it looks absolutely stunning. Good choice guys.
74"w x 21"d x 21"h


Item # PM5011 SOLD
This old pine trunk was stunning underneath that scary black exterior that greeted us when we bought it. It is such a great size too


Item # BM108 SOLD
This ugly duckling will be transformed into a swan with some good woodwork, with some trim added around the lid and a proper plinth on it, you will hardly recognise it once we have had our way. Gorgeous now.
43"w x 22"d x 18"h


Item # NAT804 SOLD
This metal-banded trunk has just come in.
32"w x 20"d x 20"h.
If you click on the image you will see the
"before" picture.

Item # PM6117 SOLD
This is a lovely old trunk. It has lovely green paint on it. which could stay, with a bit of wax over the top, alternatively it could be stripped.
36"w x 17"d x 17"h

Item # A165 SOLD
This is a lovely carved trunk on legs. It is a Marriage chest. If you click on the photo you can see how lovely the paint was before we stripped and restored it.

Item # OH109 SOLD
We are talking about the large trunk underneath the two little boxes. It is a really old, and quite rustic trunk, full of character - it even has a candle box on the inside.
42"w x 20"d x 18"h



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