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 Item # SD169 SOLD
Now this little fella is a real gem, I have taken the pic with it sitting on a normal trunk to show how tint this little box is - it is an early English piece, and it has stunning handles on the sides.
16"w x 10"d x 8"h

Item #A215 SOLD
This is a really smart trunk. Its quite early and in quite good condition. The top has a nice big overhang around the edge. This was a pleasant surprise - when we stripped it we realised that it is not pine at all, but instead it is lovely fruitwood.
30"w x 20"d x 20"h


Item # A212 SOLD
This is a sturdy little chest. Not sure that orange and white were ever a good choice but I am sure we can breathe some fresh life into it. You will only make sense of that comment if you click on the photo to see the before state. I sold this to a lady who is going to give it as a Christening present, and she is going to paint some details on the inside, how wonderful is that?
35"w x 20"d x 20"h


 Item # AY1913 SOLD
This is a nice big trunk, it has a little candle box on the inside, leaving lots of space for storage. All pine.
36"w x 21"d x 21"h

  Item # A149 SOLD
This is a nice dome top box - not much use for a coffee table I know, but they do make great pieces of furniture - with the bonus of all that storage. The best feature, I think, is the little heart shaped escutcheon on the front.
34"w x 19"d x 20"h


Item # AY2913 SOLD
This is a big old trunk, nothing on the inside, just lots and lots of storage space, this one would be great for bulky clothes or bedding.
35"w x 23"d x 23"h

Item # AY4913 SOLD
This is a good looking trunk. It has metal on the top around the edge for security, as inside this is an amazing toolmakers chest. It has loads of little drawers and pull out shelves, it is a real work of art.
37"w x 21"d x 19"h

Item # AY5913 SOLD
This is a cute little trunk, it has metal banded corners and it is all lined with lovely old paper inside - unfortunately this will be lost in the stripping process.
30"w x 16"d x 15"h

Item # A147 SOLD
This is a good little chest. It is designed to look like a mule chest, but it has no drawer to the front. Lots of space inside though. Look how great this chest turned out - simply gorgeous.
40"w x 22"s x 24"h


Item # A207 SOLD
This is quite a plain trunk. The lid lifts off rather than hinges open. It has a wooden handle either end of the trunk.
26"w x 17"d x 20"h


Item # A148 SOLD
Okay, so it needs a bit of work, but it has the bones of a good box, its just had quite a hard life along the way. Unless you click on the photo to see the before shot you will not know what I am talking about. Wow what an amazing transformation
38"w x 22"d x 21"h

Item # AY61013 SOLD
I know this trunk looks a little "rustic" right now, It has come up looking really good now we have done our stuff.
24"w x 16"d x 17"h








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