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Boxes, Trunks, Mule Chests, Marriage Chests, Soldiers boxes, Tool boxes -  you will find them all on these pages.

If you have any specific questions or requests, please do not hesitate to email us.
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 Item # MN7415 SOLD
This is a lovely large box, please ignore the orange hue of the photo, it is not this colour in real life I assure you.
50"w x 27"d x 22"h

 For Sale Item # AY1413
This is a wonderful old pine tool box. This was made by an amazing craftsman and it was his living. If you click on the photo you will see all of the drawers etc on the inside with compartments made to keep saws, every detail has been covered. It really is a wonderful piece of history and I hope we have done it the justice that it deserves.
40"w x 28"d x 26"h

 Item # MN40215 SOLD
This gorgeous pine box is stunning even before we have stripped and restored it. It has a huge key with it to leep the box locked.
50"w x 26"d x 23"h

    Item # MN50215 SOLD
This is going to look stunning once we have restored it. It is much larger than you might think from the photo
50"w x 25"d x 22"h

  Item # MN12515 SOLD
This is a great size box. It has the most wonderful paper on the inside, its a shame that we have to strip it, but needs must. Its a good size too.
33"w x 16"d x 16"h

   Item # MN16515 SOLD
This photo almost looks like this box has been restored already, but it hasn't yet. We have to work our magic on it first, then you can see for yourselves what a great little box it is.
30"w x 16"d x 14"h

 Item # MN8415 SOLD




  Item # MN5714 SOLD
This is a really pretty dome-top trunk. It has a lovely little brass knob on the front of the lid, it is a lovely shape - I know its no good for putting coffee cups on the top of, but its great for the storage of clothing, or anything else really.
39"w x 22"d x 24"h


For Sale Item # A150
Looks like this one was decorated by leprachauns! Under that paint lies a good sturdy Mule chest on legs. It has two faux drawers and one real one on the bottom for a bit of extra storage space.
43"w x 25"d x 33"h

Item # MN6714 SOLD
This is a stunning old pine trunk, we have managed to preserve all of the original paint. It has strong handles.
48"w x 24"d x 20"h
 Item # MN20215 SOLD
This box is quite tiny, and well made. It has a little wooded tray inside too. Watch this space for the after pic.
16"w x 8"d x 5"h


Item # A146 SOLD
This is a stunning, tall Mule chest.  It has a lift-up lid and one drawer to the front at the bottom. With the "effect" of two more drawers on the front too. This has turned out absolutely stunning, its such a strong piece of usable furniture.
44"w x 26"d x 34"h

   Item # MN90215 SOLD
This box is a really cute little size, it will look lovely once we have got all of that fablon off of it.
36"w x 17"d x 16"h



 Item # MN13215 SOLD

 For Sale Item # T208
This is a stunning Mule chest, in really great condition. It has one opening drawer at the bottom of the front, and of course, the top opens to offer lots of storage space.
46"w x 26"d x 32"h

 Item # A125 SOLD
Well this is something that you do not see everyday. What an interesting shaped trunk. Would make a great coffee table. It is really well made, and very strong. Whatever they used to keep in it would have been very valuable as there are three locks on it. Measuring it was not easy!
37"w x 23"d x 24"h

 Item # MN8514 SOLD
This is a lovely old tin trunk, I am so pleased that is came up looking so good after we cleaned it all up.We did not strip it as it has the most wonderful blue paint on the inside, a real treasure.
28"w x 20"d x 18"h









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