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The tables on this page that do not have a number beside them are here for reference only, you can still refer to them if you want to email any questions.



 Item # R147 SOLD
I know what you are going to ask and to be perfectly honest...I do not know. It would have been some sort of storage piece as the top lifts up to access all of that space below. It is really good quality pine. I may also put this in islands too.
77" x 27"

Item # PM8117 SOLD
Okay, this is not the best photo that I have ever taken, but you get the idea. Here we have a lovely square table with a nice big drawer.
42" x 42" 

Item # PM109 SOLD
This was a lovely old English table, if you look at what it looked like before we started you can see what a transformation has taken place.
4' x 3'

Item # R158 SOLD
This is a good size table and will come up looking really English country. It has two drawers to the side.
47" x 29"

Item # R145 SOLD
This is a good size table with nice straight legs and a clean, thick top.
65" x 30"

Item # R179 SOLD
Try to ignore the dresser top on the top of this table, it is a really clean looking strong table with a nice "H" stretcher.
59" x 32"

Item # R182 SOLD
Fear not, the stretcher can be fixed, this will look really good once it has been put back together again.
97" x 34"

Item # R140 SOLD
This picture does not really do this little table much justice. The top sits on much better than that, it also has a drawer.
67" x 32"

Item # R142 SOLD
This is a good looking table, it has a deep overhang all the way round it and quite a low apron too, with the added bonus of a drawer to the side.
63" x 31"




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