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Here are some more tables. If there is an Item # next to it then we should still have it. Please email with any enquiries at all.


Item # R181 SOLD
This table is just amazing, it is huge, but so well proportioned. It is just going to be the talking point of the room.
117" x 39"


Item # C149 SOLD
This table is just stunning, it has a gorgeous two-plank elm top and a solid pine base with old casters on the legs.
92" x 31"

Item # R154 SOLD
This is an amazing table, it is all old original pine and has three working drawers on both long sides.
76" x 31"


Item # R141 SOLD
This old table could tell a few stories I expect. Its in great condition, but will look a lot better once it has been completely restored.
75" x 37"


Item # E159 SOLD
This table works well with a painted base and the nice clean top, I can see it going out like this, but with us having restored it all first. Nice little drawer in the side too. There is a bonus...there is a pull out slide just below the drawer which you can see if you look carefully. It sold as a coffee table, and doesn't it look grand!
45" x 33"


Item # R180 SOLD
This very long table would have been used in a library or in a large conference room. The shape of the stretcher allows a person to be seated each end with ease.
138" x 39"


Item # R168 SOLD
This is a really strong little table with a nice thick pine top on it. It also has a small drawer to the side.
63" x 36"


Item # R153 SOLD
This old table has seen some action, and yet still remains strong and sturdy.
71" x 34"


Item # C117 SOLD
This table has really good legs - they could be used on a bigger table, so if you like the legs but need a bigger table, then please let us know.
36" x 26"


Item # C103 SOLD
This is a stunning little piece. At the moment it has a double top, that flips over and swivels around, but it could be made into a single top and then it could be an island, or it could be a little washstand type piece in a bedroom or a bathroom.
39.5" x 22"





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