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Here are some more tables. If there is an Item # next to it then we should still have it. Please email with any enquiries at all.


Item # K140 SOLD
This is a lovely old table, with a solid base. You can see how thick the chunky top is.
77" x 37"

Item # K115 SOLD
These tables always make the room look bigger, I guess because the base looks a bit less cumbersome than a traditional base.
87" x 35"

Item # C152 SOLD
Now this is what you call a long table! I wonder if we will have to cut this down or whether there is a customer out there with that much room to spare. This is an amazing piece, and ten feet long. It has an original shelf along the bottom and two drawers to the sides - it would make a great island in a kitchen too. Now this has come out beautifully. We have built it up in height, and trimmed the overhang on the top because our customer is going to put a piece of granite on top - so it will look even more amazing after that transformation too.
120" x 31"

Item # C120 SOLD
An old, round pine rare is this then? I can't remember the last time I saw one, and the beauty of this one is the stability - it has four legs so there is no danger of tilting it over. I don't think we will have this very long.
55" across

Item # C154 SOLD
This table may have to have a bit more attention paid to it, the top may be changed or maybe the base will be cut down a bit to accommodate the top better, whatever happens it is going to look fab once its finished.
87" x 32"

Item # K102 SOLD
This is a nice long, narrow table. Our customer wanted this to display pieces in a gallery in Marlborough so we have given her some extra space by adding the slats along the base of the table. Click to see the before.
99" x 30"

Item # C157 SOLD 
Again we have here a great sized table with lots of clearance between the legs, which means more chairs down the side. Wait until you see this finished, it is going to be a kitchen island - we are going to add drawers and slats and a central this space.....Pretty good stuff eh?
66" x 35"

Item # K167 SOLD
This is just the cutest little table, it has ended up as a coffee table, with just a bit taken off of the height, it has two little drawers to the side and a great top with an edge all the way round. Check out the orange paint in the before shot.
47" x 22"










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