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The tables on this page that do not have a number beside them are here for reference only, you can still refer to them if you want to email any questions.



Item # H183 SOLD
This is a very sturdy old table, with a little drawer to the front.
47" x 34"

Item # MM107 SOLD
This table has to be seen to be believed, the top is just so full of character its just amazing, and it is SO thick too, its a real charmer.
79" x 27"

Item # H139 SOLD
This is a great piece. I will probably post it on the island pages too as at this stage it could end up being either a table or a workstation. Good solid piece. Okay, so we went with the table look after all, great isn't it?
79" x 32"

Item # H143 SOLD
This little table looks great with the crumbly old paint on the base, seems a bit of a shame to strip it really.
38.5" x 29"

Item # E201 SOLD
What do you mean you don't want the asbestos top left on!! This will be a really cute little table once we have worked our magic on it.
39" x 27"



Item # E193 SOLD
This table is really well proportioned. It has a really nice overhang all the way round and really nice turned legs. The colours by the way is all paint and it is clean pine underneath all of that.
39" x 28"

Item # E203 SOLD
I actually think the simplicity of this table is its best feature. There is no singing or dancing, just an honest, simple old pine table. Its now gone to a wonderful new home in Evercreech.
39" x 28"

 Item # H188 SOLD
Well, where do you start with this amazing piece? Is it a table, is it a work station or is it a flour store - those bins that have been built in are just amazing. To top it all it has a flip-top too so it opens out to be huge.
43.5" x 31.5"

Item # E194 SOLD
Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to get this paint effect all over this little table. I suspect it will end up being stripped. Good strong table though.
41" x 25"

 Item # H170 SOLD
No its not a chicken coup under a table. I think it would have been used again to prove dough, whilst still working on the top.
38" x 31"

Item # E139 SOLD
This is an interesting little table. I may well post it on the islands page as it would work well as a central piece. the top is a flip-over design so it basically doubles in size when open. This one also has a nice wide drawer and under that a pull-out slide to give even more surface area for working. Well this little fella morphed into a stunning little island, with a solid oak top, click to see the difference.
39" x 24"

Item # H145 SOLD
This is a really good looking table. I did not think the top and bottom belonged together at first, but they do and it is a really good look, its always nice to have a large overhang it makes it easier to seat more people.
59" x 34"

Item # H181 SOLD
This is another good, long table, all in solid pine, with a small drawer to the side. Wow didn't this turn into the beautiful swan, have a click on the pic to see what an ugly duckling it was to start with.
75" x 29"

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