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The tables here are still available if they have an item number next to them. If there is no number then we no longer have the table, but you can still email us to see if we can find you another one that is similar.


Item # E224 SOLD
This is a great top - I suspect it may end up on turned legs. Its a great size. It HAS. We sold the lovely tresel base with another top and put this huge top on some gorgeous chunky English legs, its a stunner.
100" x 33"


Item # E190 SOLD
Here we have another flip-top table. This basically means that the top you see can be used like it is, or swivel it to one side then lift it open and it is now twice the size. Plus you get the base to store things in too.
39" x 27"


Item # A198 SOLD
This is a nice table, I think there was a stretcher thru the centre. This could stay as a flip-top table, or we could fix it so it just had a regular fixed top. This looks fabulous now we have restored it. Our customers wanted to utilise as much space as possible, so we added a shelf to the bottom and created a drawer to the side...Hope it transforms your office Clare
40" x 27"


Item # E150 SOLD
This table has a lovely cherry top and stunning pine legs. We may even use the legs to make a much larger table using one of the old tops that we bought. Wow, doesn't this table look fabulous now, we stretched the legs and used another top. Stunning.
51" x 33"

Item # E156 SOLD
This is a good old sturdy table with a nice slightly tapered leg. It also has a drawer to the long side.
78" x 30"


Item # A197 SOLD  
We have a lot of "flip-top" tables this time, but the intention is to use the legs on them to stretch and make bigger tables with the tops we bought too. That is what happened with this little table, our customers chose a huge top for it and we stretched the base to fit, pretty amazing transformation you have to agree.









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