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Here are some more of the tables that we have bought. They were all for sale when I posted the photos up here. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us.



   Item # T155 SOLD
What started off as a little tale with not a lot of prospects, has morphed into the most gorgeous of tables. We have stretched the base on this one and replaced the top with seats from church pews, made it to the precise size that our customers wanted, and it now sits in their kitchen/diner looking wonderful.

For Sale Item # A124
This is a cute little table, slim legs and well made.
39.5" x 26"

 Item # A189 SOLD
This is a lovely thick table top, with a pine tressel base. Again if you wanted this top with regular legs, you can literally choose another set of legs and we will create your perfect table.
79" x 33"

 Item # E189 SOLD
It is not often that we come across old pine draw-leaf tables. The great thing about this one is that you actually have three tables in one. You can have it closed down, or have one leaf out or have both leaves out.
39" x 30"

 Item # T156 SOLD
This is a flip-top table at the moment, but it could end up with a single solid top on it or even have the base stretched and a really big table top put on it.
40" x 29"

Item # A143 SOLD
This is the sort of table that ends up as a little desk. It has a little drawer to the front and although its quite big and square now, we could always cut it down.
40" x 30"

 Item # A129 SOLD 
This is a lovely little table - would actually make a really good little desk - we could even cut the depth down if required. That is exactly what we did, this table became a great desk that our customers loved.
43" x 28"


 Item # A142 SOLD
This is a really nice little table. We could take the stretcher off completely if you wanted or just take it off the long sides and leave them on the short sides - remember, its all up to you.
43" x 30"

 Item # T175 SOLD
This is a really country looking table - all in the lovely original green paint. No drawers in this one, but it does have a "H" stretcher (which can be removed if you would rather not have one at all)
43" x 29"

 Item # T176 SOLD
This is such a cute little country table. It has a little drawer to the front, the paint is almost good enough to keep. It has a really clean, bleached top. We have cleaned it up and left the original paint, but if you wanted it stripped, it is still possible.
39" x 29"

Item # A205 SOLD
This table is absolutely stunning. If you click on the photo you will see how the table started life. Our customers came to us with a specific size of the top they wanted and voila we have created this gorgeous table. We have just primed the base, our customers are going to paint the top coat them selves.

For Sale Item # T213
Not quite sure how this one will turn out. It would be so nice to leave it all original, but it is a little bit low to sit at. It would make a lovely little kitchen island. We could put a shelf or slats across the lower level too.
39" x 29"

 Item # T214 SOLD
This little table would make a good desk. It has a long drawer right across the front. The all-round stretcher can be altered to suit.
39" x 28"

For Sale Item # T215
This is a great table. It is long and narrow with square legs. The stretcher can be altered or removed altogether as you wish
96" x 30"

Item # A130 SOLD
We bought this table because of its gnarly old legs, they are really nice. Again this may well be used as legs on a much bigger table top. Yes it was, and what a stunning table it turned out to be, we built a drawer on the side too.
40" x 28"



 Item # A200 SOLD 
Lovely legs on this table too. Same choices as before, leave as a flip-top, or make into a single top the same size, or re-size totally and have a different top. The latter is how we went forward with this one and what a beauty it turned out to be, click on the photo to see the before photo.
29" x 29.5"


 Item # AY6212 SOLD
This is a lovely looking table. It has a stunning top, in really good quality pine, with nice gently tapering legs. There is a nice wide drawer to one end of the table.
6' x 42"


Item # A140 SOLD
This is a lovely table - we do actually have the stretcher that runs through the centre. For a change, this table would work well at this size, with these legs. Well what a transformation that was, we had a customer that wanted a side-server with three drawers across the front, and painted in a "dirty grey" We took these instructions and came up with this little beauty. A bit different to the before pic I think you will agree.
56" x 28.5"

Item # AY407 SOLD
This is a really good looking table. It is a solid pine base, that we have painted and it has a nice thick sycamore top.
73" x 31.5"

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