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At Ministry of Pine we are quite well known for large tables. We quite often sell tables at eight, nine, ten and even fourteen feet long. We are also quite well practiced in the art of "re-sizing" tables that are too long, or too wide, or too tall. We have a large stock of original tables, and an even larger stock of legs and tops that can be married when requested. We turn legs using a really old Victorian design and top tables to any size that is required. We usually have a large number of Eastern European tables in stock too, as they are usually multi-purpose, in that they have extending tops, draw -leaf tops, flip-over tops.

The tables here are still available if they have an item number next to them. If there is no number then we no longer have the table, but you can still email us to see if we can find you another one that is similar.



 Item # SM2314 SOLD 
This English pine table is just stunning, the legs are gorgeous, the top is gorgeous, it has a really long drawer to the end - which is gorgeous, just an all round gorgeous table then.
8'6" x 40"

For Sale Item # FU1516
Now that is what you call a table! All you need is quite a large room, oh and 16 people you would like to invite around for a meal. It is quite a centrepiece, and nobody will ever forget it once they have seen it in the flesh. . . .ready for the dimensions?
13' 2" x 34" {4m x 86cm}

  Item # MN60215 SOLD
This is a great looking table, really chunky legs and a good thick top too.
82" x 36" {208cm x 92cm}

Item # AY406 SOLD
Well its not everyday you see a stunning table like this one. It is gorgeous. It seats six down each side with room to move and you could still get two at the ends. It is all pine, and it has to be seen to be appreciated.
12'6" x 46" 

 For Sale Item # KW1516
I appreciate that this is not the best photo of a table ever, but I will update it when I can get a good clear one of just the table. Let me describe it to you anyway. It has an original chunky pine top on it and the base has wooden legs and a metalwork apron on all four sides. All of the base is painted black.
88" x 32.5" {224cm x 83cm}

 Item # AY2705 SOLD
This is a beautiful old table. It has really great chunky legs, and a small drawer along the side. The top is a nice pale pine colour and looks "lived in"
90" x 34"


 For Sale Item # ES1416
This is a great little English table, we bought it with the intention of using the legs to stretch the base to make a much bigger table, but it ended up looking so good as it was, we decided to leave it. It has a really good size drawer on one side.
41" x 40"


   Item # A239 SOLD
This is a great looking table, all the right proportions. It has a small drawer to the side, and a "H" stretcher running thru - again this can be removed if requested.
91"x 30"


For Sale Item # RW1416
This is a classic English kitchen table, it has never been messed around with, and is all completely original, there is a great sized drawer to the end.
53" x 35" 

 Item # A202 SOLD
This is a good sturdy table, good strong legs - We have stretched the base on this old table, if you click on the photo you will see how it looked before we restored it.
92" x 30"

Item # A199 SOLDD
This is a great example of how we can marry a top with a bottom, then cut to size works. This was a small flip-top table, but we have altered the bottom to suit this top, and then cut it so it was the perfect size for our customers. If you click on  the photo, you can see what it was like before we started.

Item # T145 SOLD
This is a stunning old table. It is in really good condition. It has a drawer to the side. It has good legs and a "H" stretcher - which of course can be altered or removed. We are actually taking this original pine top off of this table and replacing it with solid oak that can be washed down and tolerate heat much better.
78" x 38"

 Item # T146 SOLD
This is a well proportioned table, it currently has a stretcher going all the way around the outside, but this can be removed, or replaced for one going thru the centre. No drawer in this one, but nice legs.
63" x 30"

 Item # T150 SOLD
This is a stunning table with a really thick, chunky top. If you click on the photo you will see what it looked like when it was on its original base. We took the legs from another smaller table and created this fabulous piece. Define irony . . .a small table that we made large to fit an original top, that is now sold . . .and we have to make it smaller both length and width and height.All in a days work.
91" x 31"

Item # A204 SOLD
Here is a good size table. Lovelt thick chunky top. the base came from humble beginings, which you will see if you click on the photo.


 Item # TM1513 SOLD
This is a great table - it may even end up as a kitchen island. It has two great sized drawers to the side. It looks gorgeous now we have restored it.
60" x 36"

 Item # A203 SOLD
Here is a nice strong table, no stretchers at all on this one. If you click on the photo you will see that this little 39" x 27" table has now been altered to suit a nice bit chunky original table top and is now 78" long x 35.5" wide.

 Item # A201 SOLD
This is a nice sturdy table, this is a great example of us marrying an old top to an altered bottom. If you click on the photo you will see that this table started off as a small flip top table, and we have altered it to suit this top.
77" x 33"


Item # A139 SOLD
This is a lovely piece, I will also post it on our kitchen islands page as it would work as a central piece. It has a little drawer to the side and if you click on the photo you will see it with the slide pulled out too to give more working room.
39" x 29"

Item # MN7814 SOLD
This is a good looking table. The legs are poistioned well into the corners, making sure you have the maximum amount of leg room down the sides and at the ends.
7'2" x 36"

Item # A188 SOLD
This is a lovely long table. We have put these legs on it for our lovely customer in Oxford, if you click on the photo you can see what the table looked like on its original base which was quite different to how it ended up.
9' x 24.5"
 Item # T152 SOLD
This is a lovely old well-built tressel base table. The top is really thick, and remember that it does not have to go with this base, we can put some regular legs on any top, so please just ask. Our customers have chosen this fabulous thick chunky top and we are going to match it with A204 legs.
80" x 39"

Item # T153 SOLD
This table turned out just fantastic. If you click on the photo you can see how ruff the top was before we restored it. 

Item # T147 SOLD
This is a real beauty. We have restored this very long top and used a different set of legs for the bottom.
9'8" x 31"



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