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The following items are sold UNLESS they have an item number by the side of the picture. If you wish to enquire about a piece that is for sale, please include the item number in your email.


 Item # P184 SOLD
This is a really pretty piece, all original, there is enough room on the top for working on and the two little shelves provide just the right amount of display room. There is one large drawer over a two-door cupboard.
Measurements: 41"w x 19"d x 55"h.

This was a stunning piece, over seven feet long, Irish, and all good solid pine. The drawers are actually large enough to make use of them.



This piece was amazing, at nearly ten feet long.  This went to the United States for display purposes in a store.

This is a nice tidy base, it was quite narrow too. We had to do quite a lot of work to it - the before picture is available.




This lovely base came out of a really early house in Wiltshire and came up looking lovely. There is loads of storage space too. We actually made a rack up for the lady that bought this.


This unusual piece, started off life more like a desk than a sideboard. It had a sloping top, which was not much use for a dining room, so we flattened it, but still kept it as a lift-up, so there is even more storage space inside.



This is another Irish piece, pine base with an elm top, again quite a narrow base, so it provides lots of storage without taking up too much room.

This is a really unusual piece, with the three shaped drawers to the top. A very good looking piece. These pieces are getting so hard to find these days.






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