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 Here at Ministry of Pine, we do other materials too. We have been selling polished metal items for some time, but the reason they have not been on the website is that they do sell pretty quickly, so no sooner than the photos have been taken, the piece has sold. We have built up quite a collection now so I am posting them for you to have a look at.

Here is a selection of items that we have had, or maybe we still have.  If you want to ask anything at all, please do not hesitate to email us.


 Item # CR17914 SOLD
These are three little filing cabinets, one is dated 1955 and the other two are dated 1951, they are very heavy. We are restoring them at the moment, so watch this space for the after photo.
Item # CR227714 SOLD
This is a great old metal piece, the side flap folds down, there is a little two door cupboard to the front and the top lifts up to reveal a great holding area.
Item # ER107 SOLD
This stunning English Rose kitchen sink unit, looked fabulous once we had stripped it all back and re-painted it.
Item # MN720714 SOLD
This was such a heavy little filing cabinet. It turned out so well once we had stripped and polished it.
Item # CR415614 SOLD
This amazing piece of metal was once a boiler, we have transformed it and now it would make a wonderful coffee table - hence the glass in the photo.
 Item # SF207 SOLD
Look at this fabulous metal shop fitting. It was uesd to display shoes, as you can see from the photos, the fronts flap down and the spaces are ideal for a pair of shoes in each one.
Item # CR429614 SOLD
This started off life as a pretty mundane rack of little pigeon holes. Look how great it was by the time we had finished it. If you click on the photo you can see the before photo.
 Item # CR57914 SOLD
This was a good find, a lovely old metal cupboard with sliding doors and shelves inside. Its going to look great once we have restored it.
 Item # CR47914 SOLD
This tall cupboard would make a great larder in a kitchen. It still has the original shelf with a bar for hanging clothes in it too, so you could use it for a wardrobe too. It turned out really well, and ended up being storage for a lovely drug dealer in Bristol . . .the legal pharmaceutical type, obviously.
 Item # CR67914 SOLD
This is one of those really handy filing cabinets, its a good size that can slot under a desk - it will look great once we have restored it.
 Item # CR515614 SOLD
Here is another one of those boiler sections - you would not want to stub your toe on this little beauty, it really is QUITE heavy


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