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Larders can mean different things to different people. We have included this section because when we say to people that we transform wardrobes into kitchen cupboards - it has been met with some scepticism. So here are some that we have already finished - and some we haven't. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us.


Item # A105 SOLD
This is a very good example of how a wardrobe can be transformed into a wonderful roomy kitchen cupboard. This one has had an extra drawer built too for even more space.

Item # A107 - SOLD
This is a wonderful piece, it is all shelved out, ready to go in the kitchen.

Item # T185 SOLD
This is a nice shallow cupboard, with shelves, with a plinth and a cornice it has ended up looking really smart.
34" x 15" x 70"

Item # T203 SOLD
This is a stunning piece, it has a glazed cupboard at the top, a good size drawer in the centre and then solid doors at the bottom.
41" x 21" x 63"

Item # A149 SOLD
This turned out stunning, if you click on the finished picture, you can see what the inside was like.

Item # T201 SOLD
Another really nice sized cupboard, only shallow. This would look good in any room of the house really. If you click on the after picture you can see a picture with the doors open.
38" x 13" x 67"

Item # S125 SOLD
This is a really deep cupboard, but again, this can be altered. This has no shelves yet, so it can still be altered inside.
43" x 22" x 70"

Item # T202 SOLD
This is a very unusual piece, with the drawers at the bottom. It does give a lot more storage space. This is making its way to Japan as we speak.
35" x 13" x 67"

Item # T186 SOLD
This is a great size, we may change the door and glaze it, at this stage the choices are endless.
40" x 20" x 68"

Item # T162 SOLD
This is a lovely size, its really petite. It does not have a proper back to it yet, but this will be sorted when it is finished.
55" x 12" x 60"




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