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Here are some more larders that are either taken before, during or after transformation.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us.


I have posted this photo of a rather large larder that we have just built and delivered to our customers in Cheddar, just to show you that we can build one to any spec that you require. This one is in the style of an old English Linen press. It has four large pan drawers underneath on soft-close runners for extra strength.
Item # T154 SOLD
This is an interesting piece, it is quite low, but this could be changed. It would make a lovely larder with new clear or frosted glass or even wooden panels. It has just been sold as a computer cupboard. If you click on the after picture you can see what it looks like on the inside.
Item # PM510 SOLD
I did think about not including this piece with the larders because it has a glass door, but it would still look good in a kitchen
31.5"w x 13"d x 67"h.

Item # WN101 SOLD
If you have the height for this cupboard in your kitchen, this would just make the most perfect larder. It has tonnes of space inside and would be the talking point of the whole room.
46"w x 17"d x 8' (highest)

Now thats what I call a larder! This is a completely original antique piece of furniture from Hungary that we have shelved out for maximum storage.

Item # O157 SOLD
This glazed vitrine is just gorgeous, it is so well made and it looking  fantastic now it has been restored.
49"w x 16"d x 73"h

Item # O106 SOLD
This is a really cute sized cupboard too, this one has one door and three panels, these can be glazed or solid wood. Well this one had two incarnations before it sold with the glazed door rather than the lattice look.
33"w x 16"d x 66"h

 Item # O174 SOLD
Now this is a TALL cupboard, it has a wonderful detailed cornice at the top and lattice work panels, its amazing.
33"w x 20"d x 93"h


Item # O211 SOLD
Look how wonderful this larder turned out. The shelves had not been put in when the photo was taken.

Item # PM205 SOLD
This English larder came out of a house in Bath. They have shelved this out themselves and even wallpapered the inside. We have stripped this and the sides are actually fruitwood.
40"w x 16"d x 67"h

Item # AY804 SOLD
This is a really good looking old English piece, it has nice detail on the doors with a good cornice and plinth. The inside can be whatever you want it to be really. The good part is that the whole thing comes in half so it will be easy to deliver.
44"w x 21"d x 83" 


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