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Larders can mean different things to different people. We have included this section because when we say to people that we transform wardrobes into kitchen cupboards - it has been met with some scepticism. So here are some that we have already finished - and some we haven't. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us.


Item # BW205 SOLD
This larder here on the left has been built from scratch and is ready to put into your kitchen. It is quite similar to the one you see in someone's kitchen below, but the racks on the inside of the doors are slightly different. This larder does have a solid oak work top on the inside so that you can still do things with the doors open. We make these larders to order - any size any combination of doors/drawers. If you would like a quote or have any questions at all, please just email us.
50"w x 23"d x 94.5"h
  Item # MN221214 SOLD
This little cupboard is just divine. It would make a perfect larder, it even has two little vents on the side for air movement. It is just beautiful with its two little stable doors. It looks fabulous now we have restored it. This was an amazing sale, a wonderful son bought this for his mum who lives in Katmandu! Thats something that doesn't happen everyday.
27"w x 19"d x 63"h
   For Sale Item # MN13415
This cupboard is just divine. It was built-in to its original home, but once we have stripped that yellow paint off and restored it, it is going to look absolutely amazing, can't wait to see it.
3'w x 13"d x 101"h
 Item # MN51014 SOLD
This is a great cupboard, all the original shelves are there, once we have restored it all to its former glory it is going to look fabulous.
35"w x 15"d x 71"h

  For Sale Item # ES306
This old English cupboard is a real stunner, it has a gorgeous shape to it with the rounded off corners, it would be a fabulous addition to any room in the house really, with tonnes and tonnes of space for storage.
50"w x 20"d x 85"h

  Item # MN151014 SOLD
This is a lovely piece, not deep enough to be a wardrobe, but it will make a stunning larder, we will replace the top section to get it back in proportion.
43"w x 14"d x 68"h

For Sale Item # T135
I just love the dimensions of this cupboard. It reminds me of an old school cupboard. It is only shallow, but I can just imagine it in a kitchen bulging full of food and looking a million dollars.
69.5"w x 11"d x 56"h

 Item # T132 SOLD
This tall thin cupboard would make a good larder. We could do anything with the inside that you wanted really. This turned out beautiful, and we have just delivered it to our lovely loyal customer who has just moved to brighton.

 Item # JT1314 SOLD
Look at this little beauty. It is Pitch pine, which means the colour you see is the colour you get, we could always paint it. It is very sturdy and well made and being shallow it does not take up too much room.
31"w x 13"d x 78"h


Item # R127 SOLD
This is just the most amazing cupboard. It came out of a school, and all of the little doors open into individual cupboards. What a fabulous larder cupboard.
50"w x 19"d x 81"h



This is a great example of a larder that we have built from scratch. There is a solid oak worktop inside the unit, so you can still actually "work" in there with the doors open. The little boxes on the doors are great for the little bottles and things that always get lost and the lower bit can be any combination of doors and drawers. 

Item # R128 SOLD
This turned into the most useful larder cupboard ever. Those little cupboards were the perfect size. Stunning piece.



Item # T193 SOLD
This is going to make a stunning larder. It is massive and will accommodate enough food to sink a battleship. Not to mention pots and pans etc. The possibilities are endless - I can't wait to see this one restored. It look great, but as it is a knock down, I have not managed to get it outside for a good after photo yet.
51"w x 22"d x 79"h

Item # AY10212 SOLD
This is such a cute little cupboard. It has always been a food cupboard as there are mesh panels on both the door and the back panels. all the little shelves are fixed, offering lots of storage for a slim cupboard. Great for a bathroom too. It has turned out really well. If you click on the before picture you can see the shelf configuration.
20"w x 16"d x 76"h

Item # C132 SOLD
I love the proportions of this cupboard, its quite a robust shape. It does not have to used for a larder but it would make quite a good one.
31"w x 16"d x 59"h


Item # C148 SOLD
This would make the most amazing larder, this piece is really quite huge and would house so much stuff, you would not need many more cupboards at all in the whole kitchen. It all knocks down too so it can be delivered quite easily. Well our lovely customer has bought this for a huge linen cupboard, we have cut the depth down but have not lost any of its beauty
62"w x 26"d x 85"h


Item # C147 SOLD 
This is a nice cupboard. It would look quite good with a glazed door on the top and the solid one kept on the bottom. This one turned out really well, a really useful stable door glazed cupboard.
27"w x 14"d x 79"h

Item # K196 SOLD
This larder started off as an ordinary wardrobe. We split the doors in half horizontally and made the inside user friendly with a pull out work surface. Click on the after photo to see a pic of the inside. 

Item # K193 SOLD
This larder started off life as a wardrobe, so we raised the bar by putting a drawer underneath it. The drawer is on soft-close runners to make it easy and the main body is empty at the mo so you can choose any combo of shelves etc.
48"w x 21"d x 87"h 

Item # T130 SOLD
This cupboard would make a great larder. It is a good size, and the possibilities inside are just endless. The mirror can be replaced by either glass or wood. This cupboard actually ended up selling as a wardrobe, so we left the original mirror. We did, however, switch the door around to open the other way.
36"w x 19"d x 74"h


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