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Ministry of Pine can design and build your kitchen...and all in around four weeks.  If you have any queries at all, or would like more details please do not hesitate to email us.


This Sink unit for our customers in Langport looks fantastic. It makes you feel that the kitchen has been there for years. This unit not only houses the sink and a dishwasher. It also hides away a fridge and has maximum drawer space.

The drawers on the left hand side of the sink look like three drawers but it is actually two - the bottom two are in fact just one deep pan drawer. The oak gallery around the wall brings it all together perfectly.


Don't you just love these tiles? They are so clean looking and provide a definite space for preparing and cooking. These two spacious cupboards have very shallow drawers for cooking utensils only. The solid oak tops provide a very clean strong surface.

This is another kitchen with fabulous tiles. We have built the surround above the Aga so that it can be tiled for easy cleaning, it also gives a bit of extra shelf space. This kitchen demonstrates how you can have granite worktops next to the Aga and blend it quite easily with the oak top around the sink.

If you look at the image on the left, you can see that we have dropped the Wok burner into the oak top.

This is a great example of how things look a million times better when they are in the house with your own personal things in them, this looks a bit different to how it started. click on the image to see.

This painted kitchen looks fantastic. The cream paint really shows the gorgeous colour of the oak top. The black granite either side of the Aga looks stunning.

It has just transformed this kitchen, it will obviously look better once all the tiles have been added.

This sink was designed by our customer who wanted as much air circulation as possible. This is in the un-finished state as she is not sure what colour to paint it.

We really must go back to this kitchen we did in Frome, it was the most wonderful Georgian green colour and I am sure it looks a lot better with all of the bits in.


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