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Here are some before and after photos that show some pretty amazing transformations. Remember, if you have any questions at all, please do email us.


This kitchen, in Kent was a fun transformation for us to do. With an adjoining wall knocked down it gave the room an even larger feel - so that little island had to go and make room for a proper island! I think you have to admit that the new, larger island makes a stunning addition to this room, As well as being the main prep area for this keen cook, it also houses a microwave, shelf space for cookery books and large pan drawers, as well as a hob inset in the lovely granite top


You can just see the original dresser in the background that we restored and painted the same colour as the rest of the kitchen

This long run gives our customers so much extra storage space that there is even a drawer that has not been filled yet! The nicest part of this run is the way that the bottle rack has been incorporated on the end - so that it still looks really nice from the dining room too. There is a dishwasher hidden in this run too.

This is the island from the other side - look how much space there is for storing, stacking, displaying etc.

We built this larder to maximise the space between the fridge and the brick pillar (no, we didn't get the measurement wrong - the new fridge has not turned up yet!) It has three doors for easy access.

This picture shows how the solid oak worktop flows into the window sill. We love this kitchen, and I think our customers are really happy with it too.

This kitchen in Compton was another really long unit, which actually made the room look bigger after it was all fitted. This window sill was a separate piece of oak that was added, with a little up-stand to finish it off.


The panel up and over the fridge on this wall just finishes it all off, with no unsightly gaps for food to fall down - or little dogs to get into!! It also provides somewhere for displaying all of your lovely jars...doesn't it Jacky?

This is the side where all of the serious cooking gets done. This whole wall was built around an immovable boiler with taps and pipes coming out everywhere, so all things considered I think it turned out fabulous.

Here is another good before and after shot, this large house in Saltford gave scope for a really long, deep run of units, and I think you can see that when the units were fitted - below, it actually made the room look bigger!

This run of units is almost 17' it is a very lucky lady has that much storage and working space - don't get lost in there Jenny! Again a good mix with the hanging cupboards being original pieces that we have restored and left in the wax rather than paint. You can't see from this angle but we have painted the inside of the glazed cupboard to tie it in and brighten it up a bit too.

It is not often these days that we are asked to build kitchen units that are not painted, but we have done two recently. This is a stand alone unit for a customers utility room.


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