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Ministry of Pine can create your ideal kitchen...and all in around three weeks.  If you have any queries at all, or would like more details please do not hesitate to email us. Please do not think that because we are talking about hand made kitchens that we are talking about lots of money - I think you will be surprised.

This kitchen was probably one of the smallest we have ever done, but it still houses a long sink run, cupboards around the cooker AND a 6' butchers block - our customers were so surprised at how much more space they seemed to have.

These pics were obviously taken the day the kitchen was fitted so the pretty curtain and all of Nic's kitchen bits were not in their full glory on show. I guess we will have to come back again one day.

This is another good example in Wootton Bassset of just how much you can get into  one space. You can see that there were spaces for four appliances in total.

The addition of the original larder was done so that if our customers ever wanted to move, they could take it with them

This is something rare, a customer that wanted a pine kitchen, rather than a painted one. If you saw the amount of people and animals that constantly march through this room, you can see why.

We fitted the kitchen, then left our customer to decide on tiles, and once she had got them hung we went back out to measure the space around them, and came back to fit this stunning surround. I am loving those tiles.

This kitchen in in Worthing was such a wonderful shape - which always makes the finished kitchen more interesting.
This was the pattern we made to enable us to build the sink unit and a unit either side of a large Range.

What a fantastic transformation! It looks a million dollars now. We hope we are invited back after the granite has been fitted to take some better, finished photos. Doesn't that floor look great.

I am not putting up photos of the amazing island that we did for this kitchen until it has had its granite top fitted, watch this space - it really will be worth it!

You wouldn't think it could fit in this kitchen, but doesn't it look great. This was nick-named the red kitchen, the fridge and cooker and all of our customers bits and pieces were red, red, red.

The cupboard above the hidden washing machine, is just there to hide the boiler, but doesn't make a great look.

Our customer knew it would be tight for space, but still wanted to have a bit of a free-standing feel, so on the cooker wall, we left a gap and then had an original pine dresser at the end.

This kitchen that we did, again in Cheltenham, looked so good when we loaded it up that I photographed it, doesn't it look brilliant, now see it further down in-situ.

 Item # SM6106 SOLD
So here we have a free-standing unit that can be bought and fitted in your home - with as many or little other pieces of furniture to compliment it. We can build little cupboards to go either side of the cooker, or build a tall larder. Alternatively you can buy a dresser say for storage and a couple of small original pieces for the cooker part. Our kitchens really do have you in mind, it has to be everything that you want it to be. If you are interested in buying this piece, or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us.


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