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I hope we still have your attention. I know there are a lot of photos, but you can't see enough if you are searching for ideas. You may not have thought that just by moving one of your appliances in the kitchen that you could totally transform your room. Remember, if you have any questions at all, please do email us.


This is a great example of the kind of larders that we can build for you. They are made to measure so you can have any size you want. This one fits into the alcove next to the cooker. The great thing about our larders is the solid oak worktop that you can have on the inside. This means that you can use the space inside to make toast, make coffee or do the cereal run in the mornings. The little boxes on the insides of the doors are great for keeping those little boxes and bottles safe.

Here we see how the larder just blends into the rest of the kitchen once the doors are closed. With the oak standing proud.

This is one of my favourite colours that we have done a kitchen. The very pale blue makes the oak stand out and goes so well with the red bricks and the floor.

Now here is a great idea if you have the space. The island in the centre has the sink in it. This means that you can look out on the best part of the house when you are doing the worst job in the house!

There is so much going on in this corner. First the bank of drawers that graduate, from a thin cutlery drawer at the top, to a large pan drawer at the bottom, on easy glide runners. Next to that we have a large corner cupboard that you can reach into quite easily due to the concertina hinged door. Next to that is a pull-down bin. Can you see how clever the hanging cupboard is. There is no back to it so it just blends in with the rest of the wall whilst still allowing great display space. Trudy, your kitchen is gorgeous.

Now this was probably the most interesting request that we have had in a very long time. Our mission was to make a utility room sink unit....that looked like a piece of furniture without a sink in it.

So the cogs started to turn and the ideas started to flow and this is basically the end result. As you can see from this photo the solid oak top has been cut so that it can lift up onto itself - doubling up as a draining board whilst open to reveal the sink on the inside. The nearside doors conceal a washing machine too. Don't panic I know that the sink is quite low, and the doors have to be open to use it, but it is used quite infrequently and this was the only way to do it.

You can just about make out the grooves that we have put into the top - well the underside of it at least, angles were crucial at this stage.

Voila! A really good looking sink that can be hidden away at a moments notice and none of your guests would be any the wiser. Pretty impressive all round I think you would have to agree.

This kitchen that we did a few months ago near Wells is just so smart. We have just been back to deliver an old original dresser so I was able to take these photos to show you what we can do, in whatever space we are given.

Okay this photo below is what the old kitchen used to look like, but our customer wanted to utilise that natural space in the corner, so with the help of an old original door that came with the property, we set about making a walk-in larder that would not take away too much space from the sink area.


I think you can see from the photo below that we did a pretty fantastic job. That larder is huge inside, and is all shelved out, without taking away too much from the wet area. It is great to use space in the right way so that you get what you want without any compromise on aesthetics.

This was a great kitchen for us to build, our customer wanted it to be finished in two paint colours - we were all thrilled with the results. This is "Pointing" on the framework and "Cooking Apple Green" on the doors. We also painted an old larder in the same colour scheme. It looks great.

This is a kitchen that we have recently fitted in Swansea. It was quite a challenging room with awkward corners but with a lot of thought and skill we got around all the obstacles. We designed this long run to look like an old fashioned dresser base where you would have a bank of drawers down the centre and a drawer and door either side. This wall has been set off by a gorgeous old pine hanging cupboard.

This is where it all began many years ago. We fitted this kitchen in Mums house in Mumbles a few years ago and thanks to her recommendation, we got the job of her sons kitchen above (Cooking Apple Green). Lovely family, always a pleasure.

This is the other side, we have mirrored the little shelves in the alcoves. The window sill here has also been finished with solid oak to match the worktops. The unit on the end has a dishwasher behind the door, with a towel rail on the end panel. The colour is Cooking Apple green and it just looks fantastic.


This is a good shot because again it shows how you can blend the old with the new. The hanging cupboard is hundreds of years old and the kitchen is new. I notice there are no tiles behind the Aga yet Pam?

This shot shows two things. One, you can have a cream kitchen if you have a cream cooker and two, you don't need a huge amount of space to frame the cooker and have plenty of workspace. The unit on the right of the oven is a pull-down bin.

This is such a lovely combination of units, big drawers and little drawers and a big concertina door on the corner cupboard to allow for full access. With a stunning original old piece on the wall it is just a beautiful kitchen.


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