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Here are some before and after photos that show some pretty amazing transformations. Remember, if you have any questions at all, please do email us.


This is a stunning kitchen. Our customers in Bath were brave with colours too, it is not that easy to tell in these photos but the main run of units is in a darker blue than the free-standing island in the middle of the room. It is always quite unnerving when you have a new build and you have to make decisions that you have to live with for years - no mistakes here in this kitchen.

It is a good example of old and new working well together too, we have an original old pine school cupboard for a larder, next to an ultra modern fridge, with a really early little cupboard on the wall next to that.


This was also a great example of taking patterns means we can't get it wrong. We laid out all of this timber before the room was anywhere near finished. When our customers came to the shop to see what the island looked like they could not believe that it was going to fit in! As we had made an exact pattern it had to fit...

..and it looks fantastic. The island is double sided with drawers and doors on both sides. The solid oak top makes a great work surface.

The next four photos of our customers house in Taunton show a pretty good range of different things that are possible to build for your kitchen. This one shows that you can "tidy" up a fridge area with some panelling and a small cupboard, without the inconvenience of having to open a large cupboard door to get to the fridge. 

It is never easy explaining to customers that less is usually more when it comes to building cupboards in your kitchen. This room felt quite small but just by leaving a space between the sink unit and the big sideboard on the next wall it creates a feeling that there is lots of room - without losing any storage or worktop space.


We tried to tie in the larder that we built for one of the alcoves with the unit around the fridge just to frame that whole wall up nicely. I think you have to agree that it really does work

I would like to point out at this stage that I went back and took these photos over a year after the original fit, so you can rest assured that your kitchen will still look this good long after we have packed up our tools and left.

This kitchen was a long time in the making. Our customers first came to us nearly two years ago when they knew they were completely renovating their house and would want a kitchen some time in the future.

Here is a great example of staging the kitchen. We always tell our customers that unless you are sure you need top cupboards, get all of your things away in the bottom ones then let us know. Our customers here in Cheltenham needed somewhere for cornflakes, so we went back a few weeks later and hung this.

I know this is nothing to do with free-standing kitchens really, but I posted this photo here as it shows quite well how you can bring other furniture into the room, just by a bit of painting. The oak top also works really well.

Jake here obviously likes the end result. In the bottom left of this photo is the corner of an island that gives even more work surface as well as cupboard space. The larger doors on the main run are hiding a dishwasher and washing machine

The kitchen units flow around the corner, but as the fridge is not huge, it worked quite well to leave it on the end without including it in the kitchen. Height was an issue and we didn't want it to seem crowded.

I have posted this photo to show that we have built this dresser/larder all from scratch, with the exception of the really old pine top that we took off of something else. A truly bespoke piece and it looks stunning.

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