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Here are some more of our kitchens that we have built and fitted for our customers. If you are looking to have your kitchen done, it helps to see other peoples rooms to jog your memory into one of those "thats a good idea" moment. Enjoy.

If you would like to ask any questions at all,  please do not hesitate to email us.


This kitchen that we built and fitted in Hallatrow totally transformed the whole room. It is a very long room and it took a quite a lot of thought to come up with a design that would not only detract from the length of the room, but also serve as useful storage and working space, hence the wine storage idea was born.

As bottles are not that deep, we decided to bring the whole peninsular out further into the room and create cupboard space both sides of it, rounding off the corners created a smoother line to the eye. The granite insert in the solid oak top was our customers idea - so that rolling out pastry would be easier. The colour of the granite goes so well with the colour of the oak.

The cupboard on the sink side is also quite clever as it conceals the water softener at the back. It still has quite a bit of storage space in front of it, with no wasted space in the units at all. The handles in this kitchen are ceramic.

The colour also makes this kitchen a very peaceful place to be - unlike most kitchens! It is a Georgian, very pale green and it compliments the solid oak top beautifully. Its quite amazing to think that in just one run, you have the cooker, the dishwasher, a fridge, a bin, a water softener and a wine rack along with cupboard and drawer space, its a really wonderful kitchen.

I love the colour of these walls. This is a kitchen that we did in Hungerford. There are more pics of the kitchen a bit further on, but this is a great was to see how good on the shelves look when they are filled up. The brackets we make are based on and old Victorian design - looks great.

Now this is a very classic looking kitchen. Set off perfectly with the large surround over the cooker with tiles on the inside.

Our customers needed as much cupboard space as possible, so this thin drawer was designed within the mm to ensure everything fitted okay. The larger sink does mean that the cupboard underneath is a bit roomier too.

Rather than having the fridge just standing on the edge of the kitchen, we brought it all in with panelled sides and yet more in the way of cupboard space above.

 Item # SM309 SOLD
We have made this unit so that people can see what our kitchens are made of and what they look like in the flesh when they either come to our shop, or we take our show on the road. This unit is six feet long. We have done the right hand side of the link a little different with two little drawers over two smaller doors, just to let people know that you can have whatever you want really.

This kitchen unit that we built for our customers in Colerne was a perfect use of space, it looks out over the lovely courtyard and was made to fit in the space so that nothing was wasted. We went all the way to wall with the oak top, it makes the whole room look like a classic country kitchen.

This kitchen that we did in Cheltenham looks fantastic - and behind three of those large doors are white appliances - you have to admit they look better behind doors

This kitchen we did in Bristol looks stunning. The clever bit is that our customers are going to get a bigger cooker at some point in the future, so we made it knowing this, so that we can just move the end cupboard along and re-join the top.

This is an additional piece for the kitchen shown above. Our customers waited to see if they needed any more storage and worktop space, then over a year later they came back to us and has this little free-standing unit made to go on the opposite wall next to their larder - which helps to show that you do not need to do the whole room all in one go.

 Item # BW105 SOLD
This free-standing sink unit has a really different, and yet useful design. We have built two drawers over the cupboards, this gives you a thinner drawer for your cutlery and a slightly deeper one for tea towels, tin foil etc. I think it is a really good look. This unit has a solid oak top and comes with the white sink & the chrome mixer tap.
71"w x 24"d x 36"h
For the price of this piece or any others like it - please email us.

This gorgeous little unit proves that not all the work we do is in huge spacious rooms, just look at this little piece, it is so cute. The rest of this lady's kitchen is made up of free-standing pieces, painted different colours with some in wax. If you click on the photo you can see how well this unit has been scribed not only into the floor but also the very old, crooked wall it is fixed too.


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