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This web-page, on our hand built kitchens shows how our kitchens are created, from the very first time we come to your house to take measurements, right up to  delivery and installation.

If you would like to ask any questions at all,  please do not hesitate to email us.


This picture show what we mean by coming out to make patterns. We literally make a template of the size and shape that the finished result will look like.

This pattern then gets positioned onto the solid oak and cut around. So, already, these solid oak worktops are the exact size that they will be on installation. Apart from the hole for the sink on the right hand side.

The bottom units are built, obviously in the same configuration. We start to build up the layers of paint that it require. It doesn't look much at this stage without doors and drawers.

By the time the final painting has been done and the doors are hung, it starts to look like a real kitchen. It is not until the knobs are fitted that you really get a feel for what the final results are going to look like.

Now we are getting somewhere. This kitchen looks fantastic. It looks like it is just sat there, but all of these units are fixed to the floor and the tops are scribed in where required. One more set of photos when it has all been painted and the appliances are in and I think you have to admit that it is a pretty amazing transformation, given that there were only three weeks from making the patterns to fitting.

How fantastic does this kitchen look now? The hanging cupboard was swapped for a smaller, older one and it finishes it off perfectly.
This is a very user friendly kitchen.

Item # SM907 SOLD
This unit we put together to show you that you really can have any combination of doors and drawers that you want. These smaller drawers are great for tea towels and tin foil and basically girls lets face it, its not tough filling up a drawer is it.
If you would like a quote for a unit like this one please just email us.

We enjoyed fitting this kitchen in Chipping Sodbury. It has totally transformed what used to be quite a small area. There now seems to be more storage space and more room to walk around. Doesn't the cream paint on the units work well with the darker oak tops and the painted walls?

This is a good kitchen to show that free-standing and fitted can go hand in hand. The unit on the right of the cooker is a complete, free-standing unit. Should you want to take it with you when you move you could, but at the same time it is fitted to the floor and the oak top is scribed into the wall.

This shot shows just how much workspace we have created by making the solid oak worktop slightly deeper than "the norm". We are not great believers in corner units, but there was no real alternative in this kitchen.

This is a double-sided island. The unit can be worked-at, served-from, and prepared-on. There is a two door cupboard this side (and Baxters water bowl!)

This side has two small drawers over two doors, with a purpose built tall cupboard on the right hand side for dog tins and boxes. You see, you really do get what you want with a Ministry of Pine kitchen.

This is the cutest part of this kitchen. The two narrow doors on the left reveal a shallow cupboard that is handy for mugs and things, which would have been a dead space without a bit of thought.

I hope I am forgiven for showing a photo of inside your cupboards, but this is such a fab little space.


Over the other side of this kitchen we had the dilemma of disguising the washing machine and dryer and try to offer a bit more cupboard space. If you look really closely you can see the clever way that Tony cut the cornice around the light to avoid the cost of having to move the electrics.

So now you have a huge cupboard that offers a large amount of storage space and a neat little place to keep the white goods.


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