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Here are some more photos that show some pretty amazing transformations. Remember, if you have any questions at all, please do email us.


We fitted this kitchen in Trowbridge over a year ago and it looks as fresh as the day it was fitted.

Don't these green tiles look great alongside the wood?


The cupboard door closest to the room door opens up with a fold-back effect. That way if anyone walks into the room and the cupboard is open there is no damage.

This kitchen works really well, it is a very busy place and is used all the time. The piece of oak around the boiler slides out to allow easy access for servicing.

This unit that houses the oven and a microwave started off life as a wardrobe. It was cut down and re-sized around the appliances. The doors were added underneath to give storage for cooking pans and dishes.

This is a great example of how you can mix in built pieces with original, free-standing pieces, the pine base in the foreground has been re-topped with oak to bring it all together with the rest of the room.

How stunning does this huge sink look in this lovely kitchen in Wales? Pam will probably kill me for showing a picture of her kitchen in a slightly less than perfect state, Sorry Pam, but it still looks fantastic. I will come back for some more photographs.

This is another shot of this almost finished kitchen in Wales. If you click on the photo you will see the hanging cupboard the day Pam and Roger bought it.
I would like to point out that the base units are waiting for granite tops to be delivered and fitted.

This kitchen in Warwickshire is a great example of old and new. Our customer bought an original dresser base from us and then decided to have the kitchen done to match. The large cupboard in the run is hiding a tall fridge/freezer. So what looks like a small run, actually contains a dishwasher, sink, pull-down bin, wine rack, fridge and a good size cupboard to finish it off.

This free-standing sink unit has just sold.
It has black metal handles a mixer tap in a chrome finish, and the added extra of a built-in ironing board.....

....that's right an ironing board that folds away neatly inside a drawer. We do have a spare drawer to replace the ironing drawer if you do not want the board.

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