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Here are some more kitchens that we have built for you to look at. Remember, if you have any questions at all, please do email us.


This kitchen near Bridgwater looks amazing. The unit at the far end has all been built to fit. The tall cupboard on the left is hiding a fridge and the identical one on the right is a huge larder with spice shelves on the back of the door.

This sink unit that we built utilised the small return by the chimney breast with a small open shelved spice rack.

The sink unit also had to look good from the other side too as it is visible from the dining room, and what a great excuse to have a rather large wine rack added.

This island was an original dresser base, which we have extended the depth on and made a bank of drawers on the other side for cutlery, plates and pans. If you click on the image you can see the photo of it before we started.

This kitchen in Faukland looks absolutely stunning. That is an eleven foot run of solid oak top along that wall, which now makes the kitchen look even bigger.

Clare opted for granite next to the oven to avoid any wood movement from the heat. We used 40mm black granite that was cut to size. The tiles on the floor make the whole room look amazing.

Only Clare could have found this gorgeous round hob, what a great space-saving design. We love the way it looks. A bonus to this is a very sexy circular oak chopping block from the cut-out.

A nice tidy corner on the other side of this room which keeps the fridge freezer looking neat, a handy open top larder a pull-down bin and a wine rack on the end.

This is a fabulous example of anything goes. This unit has been made to house a dishwasher next to this sink, but still looks great with the lovely thick solid oak top.
So even smaller kitchens can still benefit from our hand-crafted kitchen cupboards.

Look what complimented the above sink unit. This is an original pine dresser base (was a dresser - see dressers page 9 A179 to see how it started). We have brought it in line with the sink unit by replacing the pine top with a solid oak one - they look fantastic in the room.

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