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Here are some more example of the work that we have done.



This unit has wooden knobs and as well as a cupboard and drawer on the left hand side, it has a pull-down bin on the right hand side.

It is amazing just how many pieces you can fit in a good-sized kitchen, this customer bought three dressers, plus the island, plus a sink unit.

This kitchen unit was made just to help sell the house - it did the trick and for relatively little outlay. It also shows quite well that pine units can work with pine flooring.

This kitchen shows you how we can build in a cooker, a hob and the fridge is inside the cupboard on the left-hand side.

This kitchen was quite small, so every inch gained was important. The two cupboards either side of the cooker became invaluable workspace and the extractor fan was housed in the unit above the cooker which also incorporated a plate rack and a small cupboard.

We fitted this kitchen in Somerset. The doors either side of the sink are hiding a fridge and a dishwasher. It has transformed the room - and can you believe that those tiles were hidden under a laminate floor!!!

We had strict instructions on this kitchen that the microwave had to go next to the cooker without taking up any workspace, so it was built into a unit that also incorporated a large pan drawer. The hanging cupboard above it was a 4' dresser top, cut in half and altered about a bit.


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