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Here are yet more kitchens that we have built for you to look at. If you have your own ideas or designs then feel free to share them with us.  Remember, if you have any questions at all, please do email us.


This Kitchen we have just fitted is the closest one we have ever done, about five minutes from our workshops. This is a good example of the worktop blending into the window sill in one flowing piece, giving lots more workspace.

It is a constant concern with customers that if we take away the corners they have always felt so safe with, will they have enough storage space. We have done away with the corners here and there is so much more room in the kitchen and the free-standing larder offers about as much space as a run of four cupboards. If you click on the photo you can see inside the larder.

This shot here proves that original pieces work really well with the pieces that we make. This end wall is taken up entirely with original and free-standing pieces. If you click on the photo you can see what the wall cupboard looked like when our customers first set eyes on it.

This kitchen unit was a bit of a challenge. The whole unit has had to be scribed into an uneven floor and uneven walls. The oak worktop goes straight thru to the window sill, creating lots more working space.

Our customer wanted the oak to be as light as possible and this is the result. It is almost chestnut in shade, and looks really smart. Aren't those taps fantastic?

You can just see the really neat job that our men have done with the fillet down the side of the unit, setting it back, and fitting it nicely on the Aga plinth.

This kitchen we built for our customers near Bristol Airport totally transformed the room. All the appliances are accessible and look really neat, the boiler can be pulled forward for servicing and by continuing the oak worktops all the way to the wall we were able to offer up quite a lot more working space.

The other side of the kitchen is this little utility area which looks great now the machines are covered with a solid oak top and are separated by a small, but very useful pine cupboard. The lovely hanging cupboard is an original old pine dresser top.

This waxed finished kitchen is in Chipping Sodbury and again makes this room look so big now that it has units all the way round this corner.

Simple but so effective, just a couple of fillets to frame this cooker and two little bits of oak on top just finish it off.

This run of cupboards on the opposite end of the kitchen is quite deceptive. It does offer quite a bit more storage but we have made them quite shallow so that they do not take up too much room. We are going back to fit the shutters above this unit.

It looks so easy doesn't it? This floor was out by quite a lot and the whole unit had to be scribed to the floor, but it was all still fitted in one day.


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