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 Item # BP103 SOLD
This is a nice find. An original 4' block, with a nice solid base rather than the slats that are usually associated with these.

Item # DW106 - SOLD
This 3' block is a really good size, we have mounted it on a
painted base with a drawer.

Item # DW104 - SOLD
This little 2' x 2' block would look great in any size kitchen.

Item # DW105 SOLD
This one is almost identical to the one above.
A great size at 2' square. The old base has been painted.

Item # PM903 SOLD
This is a cute little thing  It is a really nice sized island, with a slatted base.

Item # DW120 SOLD
This is quite an unusual size block.
They are normally 2' deep but this one is only
18" deep x 5' in length.

This island started off life as a dresser!
If you click on the image on the left you will see what we started with.
Our aim was to come up with a dual sided island with access both in the kitchen and the dining room.
Finished off with a solid oak top it turned out great.

The internal area was split 80/20 so that the dining room side has room for glasses and things that do not require a great amount of depth.
With the kitchen side having full depth drawers, a bread slide and a good sized cupboard.


Item # BW305 SOLD
This is a really good looking little island finished in a lovely Georgian green paint. The top is granite that is honed rather than being highly polished. This side of the island comprises two drawers over a little cupboard with a pull-down bin on the right.
40.5"w x 27.5"d x 35.5"h


The other side of this island has open shelves for books or other items that you might like to have on display. The shelves are painted in the green and the internal bits are painted cream, it looks great in the flesh.

Item # C101 SOLD
I have posted this island on our tables pages too as it could end up as either. This has the potential to be a nice island, it has a solid base, but this could be changed to a slatted bottom and it could be raised up a bit too.
72"w x 28"d x 33"h

Item # K172 SOLD
What about this in the centre of your kitchen then? A real, good sized island with lower shelf for storage. Two drawers on the one side.
78" x 31"

Item # K107 (front) SOLD
Now this is an island! I have posted front and back photos so that you can see it from both sides. The front has two large drawer and a shaped shelf so that you can stand at it with complete ease.
63"w x 39"d x 36"h


Item # K107 (back) SOLD
This is the other view, the back offers three little pull-down doors that give quite a lot of storage space, click to see the before photo.


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