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Item # W147 SOLD
This has turned out gorgeous, its a bit different now to the before picture - which you can see by clicking on the photo. A really smart looking hanging cupboard
39"w x 14"d x 31"h.

For Sale Item # O179
This is one of the most spectacular hanging cupboards that we have ever owned. Its going to look amazing on the wall, but equally, it would work really well just placed on the top of a buffet or dresser base of some sort. If you click on the photo you can see the before picture.
51"w x 16"d x 49"h


Item # W145 SOLD
This large hanging cupboard is stunning, it has big doors and little doors and shelves and spaces and it looks fantastic now its finished.
52"w x 13"d x 48"h.

 Item # O161 SOLD
This is a beautiful little hanging cupboard with two doors over three really cute little drawers. Doors can be glazed or have solid panels put in them.
25"w x 10"d x 29"h



 Item # O160 SOLD
This is quite an amazing cupboard. It looks like it used to hang on a wall as a medicine cupboard. Under the two glass doors there is a pull-down flap. This would make an excellent display cabinet as it is very shallow.
40"w x 11"d x 44"h

Item # W143 SOLD
This is a really early piece, with two nice drawers under the doors. This turned out to be just as gorgeous as I thought it would. A serious hanging cupboard. Click on the photo to see the transformation.
49"w x 15"d x 41"h.

Item # W146 SOLD
This hanging cupboard looks great now it has been stripped and restored, the little drawers underneath the doors are just so cute. Click to see the before photo.
54"w x 15"d x 43"h.

Item # HS207 SOLD
This is a nice, small, hanging cupboard. We have replaced the glass and given it a very sturdy shelf and painted the inside to give it a fresher cleaner look.
38"w x 13"d x 21.5"h.

Item # W156 SOLD
This large hanging cupboard would look grand on any wall. The solid panels in the doors mean that you do not have to worry too much about being tidy either!
4'w x 14"d x 28.5"h.

Item # W127 SOLD
This gorgeous little hanging cupboard used to be a complete dresser, we have re-sized the doors and the whole top, so that our customer can display her trains.
Click on the pic to see the before.

Item # W196 SOLD
This is a really cute little shelf unit with a single drawer underneath it, it is lovely old paint, but I think we will be stripping it.

For Sale Item # W144
I know this is not the most exciting looking hanging cupboard in the world, but it will look a whole lot better once it is finished.
44"w x 12"d x 44"h.

Item # W197 SOLD
This hanging shelf is really early, with the typical European style shelves where the plates lean forward, and three good sized drawers under. Click on the picture to have a look at the before picture.

 Item # K117 SOLD
This is such a good looking hanging cupboard. It has two little drawers under the doors, and nice columns down the sides.  Nice detail around the top cornice too.
43"w x 15"d x 33"h




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