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Item # T122 - SOLD
This little plate rack looked slightly different when it was selected. It was an old dresser top - if you click on the picture you can see just what a change this little thing has gone through.

Item # T158 SOLD
This little hanging cupboard is gorgeous, it is such a cute size, with the little shelves on the sides.
If you click on the picture you can see how it started.


Item # T123 SOLD
This top is gorgeous too, it is so well proportioned and is going to look great in our customers kitchen. If you click on the picture, you can see what it looked like when our customers chose it.


Item # T188 SOLD
How beautiful is this early Baroque pine hanging cupboard. It is so well made with the three little drawers across the bottom. If you click on the image you can see what it looked like when our customers chose it.

 Item # T176 SOLD
This little cupboard is really shallow, so it would work great in a bathroom or some place where space is an issue. The doors could be glazed or mirrored too.
31" x 7" x 21".

Item # T152a SOLD
This is a fun rack, with two little drawers at the bottom, hooks on the wall ideal for cups.

Item # T152b SOLD
This shelf and rack is really early and has four little drawers along the bottom.

Item # T152c SOLD
This would hold a serious amount of mugs if you put a hook on every joint. This one has a little gallery along the bottom - ideal for spices.

Item # T152d SOLD
This has a totally different look with the diagonals. With a little shelf along the bottom.

For Sale Item # T152e
This wall unit is very plain but still effective, this just has a plain shelf at the bottom.


Item # A132b SOLD
This little cupboard provides lots of room for such a small piece. The back has been added but apart from that it is all original.
27"w x13"d x 23"h.

Item # A132 - SOLD
This little shelf unit is going to be a lovely hanging cupboard with glass doors.
Watch this space.

This really is the same piece of furniture.
You will learn to trust us!


Item # A178 - SOLD
This little cupboard also started off life as a dresser top, click on the image to see the before photo.

Item # A173 - SOLD
This lovely hanging cupboard started off as one of our dressers. If you click on the image you can see what it was like when our customers chose it.

Item # T174 SOLD
This is a really early cupboard, would have probably stood on a base, so the options are to lose the legs and back or bring them together with a shelf.

Item # T181 SOLD
This is a bit special, the door opens to reveal three little drawers and various hooks and shelves and blocks for knives. If you click on the finished photo you can have a look inside at the little drawers.


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