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If you want to ask anything at all please do not hesitate to email us.


Of course if you want a cupboard made from scratch to your specifications, then that is possible too.

This little unit looks great in it's country kitchen with the little drawers and the green frosted glass.
The backboards were added.

Item # DW107 - SOLD
This lovely old hanging cupboard has all the original glass.
It has been reserved to sit on top of an old base.
If you click on the image you can see the
before picture.

Item # A135 SOLD
This top has had a complete overhaul, with a new cornice it is hardly recognizable as the same
piece - click on the pic to see.

Item # HS101 SOLD
This little open shelf would look great
in any room of the house.
39"w x 9"d x 18"h.

Item # M132 SOLD
This hanging cupboard has lots of storage space inside, and the nice addition of a wooden rail underneath so that you can hang bits on it.
40"w x 14"d x 3'h.

Item # DW115a - SOLD
This hanging cupboard is gorgeous, it is quite
long, but only shallow so it doesn't feel
like a huge cupboard.
77"w x 10"d x 28"h.

Item # DW113 SOLD
This cupboard, does not have to hang.
With a little plinth around the bottom, it would
look good free-standing.
55"w x 10"d x 39.5"h

For Sale Item # OS401
This little mahogany cupboard looks very
pretty when hung on a wall.
It has a lovely blue-y green colour inside.
43"w x 9"d x 3'h.

Item # HS401 - SOLD
This little pine glazed cupboard is finished
in a mushroom-y coloured paint.
40"w x 14"d x 2'h.

Item # PS201 SOLD
Why not? Since when do chicken coups
just have to be for chickens??
This is so useful for storing food, and the flaps will shut to keep it all enclosed.
Every house should have one...ours has!!
What better home to go to than one that is just about to start keeping chickens, perfect!

Item # A204 SOLD
This little cupboard is really sweet. It could have two doors built for it or leave it open with the two drawers for
extra storage.

Item # A133 SOLD
This is another top that looks good now its finished. If you click on the picture it was not always that way.

  Item # A122 SOLD
This is a really early piece.
It would have stood on top of something.
Click on the image for the before shot.

Item # A180 SOLD
This wonderful piece would work just as
well as a free-standing piece as it would hung
on the wall, great shaped panels.
45"w x 16"d x 39"h.
Click on the photo to see what it looked like before.

Item # A205 - SOLD
How special is this one?
This is really early, with three little drawers
across the front,
plus the little shelves at the sides.
It has gone to a very deserving home in Weston Super Mare.


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