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Free-standing country kitchens are not a new idea, they have been around for generations. Even today they are still a very popular alternative to that "fitted" look. Where we win over others, is in our ability to alter and adapt original antique pieces of furniture into something that you can use in our modern world. We can take an original pine wardrobe, extend it, cut-it, re-work it, so that you can house your fridge/freezer in it. We have adapted early English dressers so that fridges and freezers can be built into the bottom. With the doors shut, no one can tell.

Here are just a few examples of different things you can have in your kitchen. Every kitchen is different and there are always new challenges. At the end of the day with one of our kitchens you will have a totally unique kitchen that has been built with your needs in mind. Your kitchen is all about what you want to get from it, it has to work, things have to be in the right place. Ministry of Pine can create your ideal kitchen...and all in around four or five weeks.
  Please do not think that you need tens of thousands of pounds for one of our kitchens, our customers are always pleasantly surprised at the cost. If you have any queries at all, or would like more details please do not hesitate to email us.

For Sale Item # IF1416
This is very typical of the freestanding units that we are building at the moment. We take this one to the shows with us, hence it has "skis" on the bottom to prevent any damage. It has a solid 40mm oak top with draining grooves set into it on the right hand side. There is a little cupboard under the sink, set back to allow for knee room, and a cupboard and drawer on each side. This unit comes with the sink and the chrome bridge mixer tap.
79"w x 2'd x 3'h {2m x 60cm x 91cm}

Item # DS107 SOLD
This unit has come to a few shows with us, and is for sale. It has a solid oak top on it, and comes with the 600mm Belfast sink and a chrome mixer tap. It is painted in Heritage cream with wooden knobs. If you have any queries at all, please drop me an email and I will answer any questions that you have.
79"w x 24"d x 37.5"h


This is a stunning kitchen that we have just built and fitted in Gloucestershire. We have managed to fit so much into a relatively tiny amount of space. It works really well that the two little cupboards at the end are facing into the dining area and have been scribed into the walls.

We literally had to re work all the things that we would normally do - like reduce the size of all the styles in between the units, we are talking zero tolerance.

It was certainly an interesting build for us, but the end result just says it all I think. A great job well done that's what I say.

It was because the old walls were quite crooked that we had to oversize the oak tops so that everything was accommodated. The space this end is for the dishwasher - which again, had to be smaller than the average dishwasher.

This kitchen we did in Bristol made the room look so much bigger with all of the units in. We have not forgotten to do the up-stand behind the cooker, the customers are going to tile that area.

This is the other side of the same room. Would you believe that the little cupboard on the far right is there just so that when the baby birds fall down from the roof down the gap, they can be safely removed and put back in their nest. We love doing things like that.

This was another family kitchen, the other way round this time. We built a stunning kitchen for our customer some years ago and this time she recommended us to her mother and this is the result. We managed to fit an awful lot in a very challenging amount of space.

This is the other side of the kitchen. The larder was so quirky, we built it that way to gain the most amount of space without losing too much along the run where all of the appliances had to fit in.

This kitchen that we fitted in North Stoke has this wonderful splash-back made out of timber and painted the same colour as the units. This is a really classic old look and just finished this room off perfectly. The large "B" is resting on the oak shelf that sits on top of the panelling and doubles up as another little surface to fill.

This kitchen that we fitted near Marlow was in an extension on the back of a wonderful old house - you can see the original red brickwork on the back wall of this photo. As the window was there and our customers wanted to keep it, we all agreed that the best way around it was to make it a feature and lower the units that were going underneath it. We created almost a butchers block look, with the slats underneath and the sides that were finished in oak to bring it all together.

This was the other side of the same kitchen, the space that has been left is for the cooker that had not arrived when we were fitting the kitchen. We will pop back one day and take some more photos now that it is all completely finished. The pew that you can just see the end of was cut to size so that it fitted perfectly.

This is a kitchen we did locally. Our customers were lucky enough to have a large dining area that they could pinch a bit of the room for the fridge and the microwave cupboard. If you click on the photo you will see what the microwave cupboard looks like when it is opened for use.

This was the best bit about this kitchen. Nicky knew what she wanted, she wanted a cream kitchen and she wanted the big larder to stand out in a pea green paint, and doesn't it look fabulous? Enough space in there...even for all of your shopping Nic!

Item # FB312 SOLD
Don't ever let it be said that we do not cater for all tastes. Here we have a black kitchen with a solid oak top and a chrome mixer tap. As usual the oak is oiled and is therefore water-proof. We have kept the oak a light colour and also kept the knobs light to match.
79"w x 2'd x 37.5"h

Item # LW701 SOLD
This is a free standing sink unit that comes with the sink and the chrome mixer tap and is literally ready to plumb into your kitchen. The pine carcass is finished in an off-white colour and the top is solid oak and comes water-proof and heat resistant. It is 6' in length, but obviously if you wanted one a different size then just email us with your requirements and we will get a price to you as soon as we can.

This kitchen in Surrey was completely transformed in a day. This unit just lit up the whole room. Our customer has had this now for a couple of months . . .and she just told me last week that she does not want to use the sink because she loves it so much and does not want to get it dirty. Bless.  
This is a stunning set of shelves that we built and fitted into our customers home in Bath. Its helpful to see that sometimes, when you put a huge piece of furniture into a room, it doesn't always make the room look smaller, wait until this is all filled up its just gorgeous.
You would not believe that this is 2.5mtrs long!



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