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Old dressing tables are very hard to come by, we do get hold of quite a lot of continental ones, but more often than not, we adapt desks to become dressing tables. Here are a few dressing tables for you to look at. If there is an item number by the side, then the item is still for sale.
If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to email us.

  Item # PM11212 SOLD
This is a really good looking old English Pine dressing chest. The reason that the flat lower surface looks a bit weird it is because it would have had a piece of marble there that would have overhung at the front and side. Its all in good order.
42"w x 19"d x 61"h

 Item # PM3411 SOLD
We have not seen one of these for a while. This is a nice size two over two chest with an integrated mirror on the back. All pine, all lovingly restored.
36"w x 18"d x 61"h

 For Sale Item # MN9914
This is going to be a lovely dressing chest once we have restored it.
35"w x 18"d x 60"h

For Sale Item # T142
This is a very dainty little dressing table. Ideal for rooms where space is a big issue. It has a little drawer in the centre, and plenty of space for sitting at.
28"w x 14"d x 54"h

Item # PM605 SOLD
This is a rare find these days, a pretty little Edwardian dressing table. It is all there, including the casters on the legs too, and all the little handles are in good order too, this is going to look great once we have restored it, watch this space.
36"w x 17.5"d x 62"h


Item # PM2311 SOLD
Wow. What a great find this was, just how different is this lovely pine dressing table? It has so much going on it is gorgeous. This has turned out fantastic, it is such a pretty piece. We replaced the glass under the mirror with another mirror, other than that we have kept it all original and even buffed up the brass handles and the original castors on the bottoms of the legs. Gorgeous.
42"w x 21"d x 6'h

For Sale Item # E220
This is a great little piece for anyone where space is an issue. It has a huge mirror - just what every girl needs, a little table to sit up at with a small drawer.

This was a really useful piece of furniture with the full-length mirror and bedsides and also the little drawers on the top.

Item # DB511 SOLD
This pretty little English pine dressing table is available.

For Sale Item # TM101
 This pretty thing is very well made. It is all iron. The two doors open up and go around to the sides - these would look good with some material behind them. There is a small glass shelf underneath and the kidney-shaped glass on top is all original, as is the mirror.

Item # O145 SOLD
I have put this under desks too, because it is one of those pieces that would work well being either.
43"w x 32"d x 32"h

Item # O151 SOLD
This lovely piece is part of a bedroom suite comprising of a pair or robes, pair of single beds, a bedside and this. We can split the pieces in any combination

Item # T143 SOLD
This is quite a pretty little dressing table. Nice shaped mirror that swivels, and a little drawer in the centre of the bottom. This is going to a wonderful new home, we are just going to be taking out the stretcher across the bottom and strip and wax it, we are keeping the original bevelled mirror.
39"w x 17"d x 68"h

Item # O139 SOLD
I know it is not easy to tell from this photo but you can actually sit at this dressing table, there is a little knee-hole, and it is all there and all original, even the glass made it back from Hungary.
37"w x 19"d 


This dressing table was so good looking, it had a large surface area but still retained its femininity with the pretty mirror and cabriole legs.



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