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Here are some more good examples of before and after photos. Remember if the item has a number by the picture then it should still be for sale. Just email for any questions.


Item # O159 SOLD
This dresser is a real beauty. It is quite large by continental standards. It is lovely to have three drawers and three doors on the base, and the doors on the top are a good size too. One of the nicest parts is the beautiful original blue glass that has survived. We kept the blue glass and even painted the whole thing cream to match the rest of the kitchen - it looks gorgeous.
5'w x 2'd x 81"h


Item # JT102 SOLD
This gorgeous Bath dresser has just arrived at the workshops and what a gem. This piece has four good size drawers over an empty space - this has never had doors on it - just the pot board at the bottom, we will probably add doors to make it more practical. If you click on the photo you can see it with the rack on.
9'2"w x 22"d x 9'3"h



Item # O155 SOLD
This is a really early dresser, it is all solid pine with the Baroque style rack on the top, the yellow paint does not do it justice at all. If you click on the after photo you can see the little drawers inside.
46"w x 23"d x 68"h

Item # O107 SOLD
This is a really early dresser, with beautiful Georgian style doors, it has the original bread-slide and this is going to look wonderful once its stripped.
4'w x 21"d x 83"h


Item # O122 SOLD
This dresser is lovely, it is so rare to find the three drawer over two door combination on the base. The three doors on the top offer lots of storage space.
57"w x 20"d x 76"h



Item # O137 SOLD
This is another good size dresser, the bottom is quite tall too, offering lots of storage space. Our customers wanted it painted in this cream colour to go in their kitchen in London - we managed to keep all of the original glass too. It looks fantastic now.
59"w x 22"d x 80"h



Item # O149 SOLD
This is a real little treasure, look at those drawers on the inside of the lower cupboard. That is a real rare sight to find those anymore. This one also boasts a gallery top with open shelves. Click on the pictures to see what it was like before we restored it.


Item # T161 SOLD
This is a really grand looking dresser. Our customer had specific needs and it ended up being finished in a pale colour with an open rack on the top.



Item # DJ102 SOLD
This is a lovely early country dresser. I know it looks a little vertically challenged, but this is how it was made, and I think it looks great. No excuses for your room not being high enough. Click to have a look at what it looked like before.
74"w x 21"d x 74"h

Item # PM312 SOLD
This is quite an amazing English Pine dresser.
It has come out of a Bath house and it is in very good condition, it has four doors below a total of six drawers which is quite unusual. There is also a little door to the left on the rack that would have opened up into the dining room.
8'6"w x 20"d x 9'h.

Item # W202 SOLD
This is another very grand piece, slightly less busy than the last one but still lots of cupboard and drawer space, this one has come out beautifully. We managed to keep all of the handles that were there. I hope I updated the website quick enough for you Bev!
55"w x 23"d x 79"h.

Item # A140 SOLD
This pine dresser has little frilly bits to make the space between the two sections a little prettier. This should make an interesting before and after shot. we have just sold this dresser and it has to be painted sage green. Wow, how fantastic does this dresser look now.
Pennie it's going to look fab in your kitchen.

Item # T112 SOLD
This is a good looking piece, with the three gothic doors to the top
45" x 19" x 77"

Item # A199 - SOLD
This dresser is gorgeous, it is so different.It has a bowed frontage and is very
It measures 5' wide and 92" high.

Item # T160 SOLD
This is another good sized, sturdy dresser, with a breakfront shape - where the centre juts out further than the rest.
59" x 22" x 78"

Item # T200 SOLD
How useful is this dresser? It has all the storage you need for a whole kitchen. It is all one solid piece. The centre section is bowed so all the drawers are shaped as well, its a really funky piece.
64" x 21" x 78"

Item # T199 - SOLD
We bought this with a customer in mind, and they have come to see it and love it, its really unusual with the castle turret top. It came up looking absolutely gorgeous, our customers in Swansea love it too.


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