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Here are some more good examples of before and after photos. Remember if the item has a number by the picture then it should still be for sale. Just email for any questions.


Item # R170 SOLD
Now this little dresser is a real gem. Such a pretty little thing. It is quite old, so it is very basic with 4 small drawers to the top - no backboards and a really simple little 2 door cupboard.
38"w x 21"d x 72"h
Item # R191 SOLD
The colours do look different I know but this is an original piece I assure you. Quite good looking - if you can see past those scary plastic handles on the top doors.
43"w x 20"d x 78"h
Item # R201 SOLD
Someone has started to strip this little gallery dresser already. These always look so much better when they have bits and pieces on them.
42"w x 20"d x 66"h


Item # R177 SOLD
This is a really wonderful dresser - apart from the colour. This has been reserved, we are going to replace the mirror in the centre with clear glass. Watch this space
62"w x 21"d x 79"h

Item # K130 SOLD
This is a really good looking dresser. Its got a lot of great features. The top has sliding doors over six little cute drawers. Then the base has three drawers across the top, and again sliding doors.
59"w x 19"d x 77"h

Item # K112 SOLD
This dresser is just gorgeous, it is going to look quite English once it has been restored, it has a very English cornice, and with the Georgian looking doors, you would be hard pushed to tell it was Hungarian. Look how well it turned out. {Hope Hendrix liked it!}
51"w x 25"d x 73"h

Item # H126 SOLD
This is going to be a really popular dresser. The sliding doors both top and bottom mean that it is just perfect for tight spaces. Well what a great transformation, once this has been filled up it is going to look a million dollars...almost what it cost in time and materials to get it stripped!!! Thanks Jane.
63"w x 22"d x 79"h

Item # C133 SOLD
This is a nice looking dresser - it is VERY heavy and we are not 100% certain that it is all pine - it may be oak. I guess stripping will solve that mystery. Nonetheless it is still a really great dresser with one big drawer to the bottom.
45"w x 23"d x 77"h

Item # K204 SOLD
This little fella is quite understated, but once it has been completely restored it is going to look really smart, it has really good proportions, if you look really close you can see it has the most pretty little flower detail throughout. Wow, doesn't this look fantastic now it has been restored.
44"w x 21"d x 75"h


Item # C141 SOLD
There is a lot going on with this dresser. It is always a nice split when there is a bank of drawers between the two lower doors. Now this is a transformation, we  levelled off the top, made the outer doors solid and did away with the deco frills. Pretty smart now isn't it?
52"w x 21"d x 79"h


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