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Here are some more dressers for you to look through. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email us.

Item # K206 SOLD
This dresser has everything really. It comes complete with the original bread slide, it has oval shapes to the top doors, it has a little bank of drawers on one side and a little cupboard on the other, lose the colour and it will be great. Our customer loves it and it is off to Essex on Sunday.
49"w x 19"d x 77"h
Item # K187 SOLD
This old dresser has really nice shaped panels to the bottom doors. The overall height is not too much either.
51"w x 21"d x 72"h

Item # K181 SOLD
The nicest part about this dresser is the bit that you cannot really see. The sides of the top have a really nice little detail in the lower part, so it does allow some light in.
43"w x 20"d x 74"h
Item # K177 SOLD
This is a really good sized base on this gallery dresser. The top is quite small, and could be removed altogether if required. Was yellow and white ever in? This turned into a really good looking piece. We had to trim the top shelf but apart from that it was just a strip and restore job.
39"w x 20"d x 74"h

Item # O119 SOLD
Now that is a piece of furniture! It has just sold to a lovely couple who are going to have it in their dining room. It is going to look stunning finished - we have to replace the bread that drinks can be poured using it - watch this space. How fantastic does it look now, its almost unrecognisable.
61"w x 19"d x 71"h

Item # K207 SOLD
Okay, I hear what you are saying - no prizes for beauty here, but I think the dark paint is the only thing you can see right now, so once it has all been stripped and restored I am sure it will be the beautiful swan....told you! You would never have believed that this dresser would look this stunning.
43"w x 20"d x 76"h

Item # K144 SOLD
Now here is a style of dresser that you don't see very often. The last time I found a shaped front like this was about 7 years ago and it went straight to the USA. This has a canted top and bottom, very smart. Doesn't this one look a million doors now. It has been painted and the top left in the original pine, stunning.
59" x 21"d x 79"h

Item # K205 SOLD
This is quite a good looking little piece, it will look a whole lot nicer once hit has been completely restored, but a good size. Now this has been transformed hasn't it, we have added a shelf at the bottom of the top half so that our customers can hang the top on the wall above the bottom and gain an extra shelf.
44"w x 20"d x 76"h

Item # C173 SOLD 
This old pine dresser is going to look SO much better once it has been restored, and given a nice cornice and some decent knobs, then it won't be such an ugly duckling. This is a good size too.
46"w x 20"d x 75"h

Item # K200 SOLD
This is a good looking gallery dresser, not that battleship grey was ever going to make this look good! Wow, what a difference! This looks stunning now.
39"w x 16"d x 63"h

Item # K186 SOLD
This is a really sturdy little gallery dresser. These little things are really great if you don't have a lot of space, as they still offer lots of storage, but the top does not dominate the whole room. Now this is what we do best - alter pieces and make them almost unrecognisable. This little unit is now going to stand next to a cooker in our customers kitchen - very cute.
42"w x 22"d x 61"h

Item # K188 SOLD
This dresser is in a lovely state of dis repair. All the paint is flaking off and it looks really lived - in. Once restored it will look fab. So we have sold the bottom first - as you can see this was used for a TV unit with the drawers flapping down so that the sky box and dvd players can be used without having the doors open.
43"w x 22"d x 77"h

Item # O150 SOLD
This dresser has been grain painted so well it was almost going to stay that way, but just five hours after it arrived, it was stripped. It does look great stripped too.
45"w x 25"d x 77"h


Item # O147 SOLD
My photo does this dresser no justice at all, the top part has really ornate cut outs in the sides where it fits on to the bottom part. Its a really good size too.
45"w x 20"d x 6'h

Item # O169 SOLD
This is a really rare find, the front of this dresser actually bows out - both top and bottom. It is all solid pine too, this is a real gem. Its turned out so well.
4'w x 21"d x 6'h.

Item # O154 SOLD
A gallery topped dresser with two drawers over two doors on the base, giving lots of storage. Pretty nice when finished though.
40"w x 19"d x 63"h

Item # W125 SOLD
This is quite a tall looking dresser - but that can be altered if required. This dresser actually sold to two different people for two different uses. The top looks a bit prettier now with the sides cut off.

Item # K143 SOLD
This dresser is a little different. It has nice "swoopy" doors to the top, and in-between these there are three little shelves for storage and display. Don't judge this one by the after photo - it is being split into a base and the top is now a hanging cupboard that is going somewhere else so the photo does not do this enough justice. It is still a gorgeous piece now it has been restored.
50"w x 22"d x 79"h

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