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Here are some more dressers for you to look at. If you see something that you really like the look of but it is sold then please do email us to see if we have something similar.


Item # W123 SOLD
Don't panic, the panels on this dresser are stuck on, it will look good when it has been restored. I delivered this to Devon this morning and it looks great in our customers old cottage.
38"w x 17"d x 73"h.
Item # K145 SOLD
This is another really good looking pine dresser. It ticks all the right boxes, it has a little bank of drawers down the centre in the bottom half and the top has sliding glass doors, which means you don't have to duck every time you open them. Wow look how this one turned out - re-painted and solid doors in the top make this a stunning dresser.
61"w x 22"d x 70"h
Item # K184 Bottom SOLD
This is quite a plain dresser, I think it will look lots better once it has been stripped, restored and waxed, with some clear glass in those top doors.
45"w x 22"d x 78"h
Item # W203 SOLD
This is a very grand dresser, its a good size too. Quite nice that it still has the original bread slide in the bottom. The top is full of little doors and shelves and drawers.
59"w x 22"d x 81"h.

Item # R199 SOLD
This is a good looking dresser. Its nice with the three panes of glass in each door and the depth that the cornice overhangs the doors.
51"w x 22"d x 72"h

Item # K176 SOLD
This is a very grand looking gallery dresser. The base is very tall, giving it quite an elegant look. These pieces always look good in dining rooms. Wow what a difference, our customer wanted something this size to sit on top of another piece of furniture so we have completely changed this around and doesn't it look great.
40"w x 19"d x 66"h

Item # A195 Bottom SOLD
This dresser is most unusual with its very tall top. Of course it is completely possible to "lose" that high piece, we could flatten it all out to one level or take the top bit away altogether and have a reverse turret-top, the choice is yours.
It measures 51" wide.

Item # W129 SOLD
This dresser has quite an Edwardian look about it with all the tram lines down the front panels. Of course there is no reason why these solid panels cannot be replaced with glass. Wow this turned out so pretty, looks great in our customers house in Swindon.
43"w x 22"d x 82"h.


Item # K135 SOLD
Another really interesting piece. No sure it belongs here in the dressers section. It was a working piece, hence the tin top. It might end up being split into two completely separate pieces, or it may stay together.
53"w x 27"d x 72"h

Item # W139 SOLD
This dresser has quite a lot going on considering its size. It has one large drawer to the bottom and a triple turret shape to the top.
42"w x 21"d x 75"h.

Item # W155 SOLD
Apart from the very scary paint colour, this is quite an amazing dresser, with the double panelled lower doors and the turret shaped top, as well as the little gallery and the small drawers.
55"w x 22"d x 82"h.









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