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Here are some more good examples of before and after photos. Remember if the item has a number by the picture then it should still be for sale. Just email for any questions.


Item # PM1710 SOLD
This is a very cute little English piece. Its quite tall and we have just worked out why. There are little cut-outs in the bottom shelf and they are mirrored again in the top and it is not clear that it would have been used as a gun cupboard, long before it was illegal to have them on show.
37"w x 19"d x 84"h


Item # H164 SOLD
This is a rather different piece, and I would not be at all surprised if, when this piece sells it looks nothing like this. The two pieces may well be sold separately, or the top part to this "dresser" could be hung on the wall above the base. Either way, I think once the mirrors have gone it will look a lot better.
44"w x 21"d x 78"h

Item # H102 SOLD
This is not going to be the most impressive before and after photo that you are ever likely to see. Someone has made a start with the stripping on this one - and although we will have to re-strip and finish it properly it always looks much better when it was in the paint to start with.
45.5"w x 19"d x 75"h


Item # K183 SOLD
I love this dresser, it looks quite plain, but it has a really tall gap between the top and the bottom, giving you lots of worktop space, and a really neat little shelf along the back of the top that would look great full of spices.
53"w x 23"d x 82"h


Item # E126 SOLD 
This is a very simple dresser. It has a little detail under the top doors, nice cut out sides to let a bit of light thru, will benefit from a bit of our magic I think.
43"w x 21.5"d x 74"h

Item # E124 SOLD 
This dresser has some really nice features, can you see the top panels are shaped to make a really pretty effect. The other nice thing is the way the sides of the top part swoop outwards when they reach the bottom unit. It also has one big drawer across the bottom unit.
49"w x 25"d x 81"h


Item # E119 SOLD
This is a nice dresser, quite unusual to get the three doors across the top. Personally I think this is just a bit "square" at the moment but with a nice plinth and a cornice I think it will look really great.
48"w x 21"d x 72"h

Item # E127 SOLD
This is a good size little dresser. Its going to look a lot better than this once we have stripped and restored it. Nice to have that one long drawer across the bottom part. Now it looks much better doesn't it, all ready to go now.
40"w x 20"d x 75"h

 Item # E122 SOLD
This is another nice dresser with three little doors to the top. This is not going to win any beauty contests looking like this, but you wait 'til we have finished with it, it will be me! See how nice does it look now?
49"w x 22.5"d x 75"h

Item # E128 SOLD 
This is a really clean dresser. Its really wide too and is all there, including the original bread slide above the three drawers - and that is another nice touch, the three drawers across the top, above two very large doors.
59"w x 22"d x 76"h

 Item # SH108 SOLD
This is a stunning English Dresser, with sliding doors to the top. If you click on the photo you can see it with the doors open. It has a lovely original rack behind the doors. It is a really substantial piece.
102"w x 26.5"d x 95"h

Item # H185 SOLD
Well, what can I say? When is a dresser not a dresser...when its this tall that's for sure. I have posted this on the dressers page, but it really has so much potential for so many uses. The top will probably have to be cut down anyway, or maybe the top part come off completely and have two separate pieces, not sure yet, we will probably leave this one until someone knows what they want with it.
61"w x 23"d x 98"h

Item # H106 SOLD
This little dresser will look fantastic when it has all been stripped and restored, with some new glass in the doors and a plinth and cornice. Cracking, you will see.
37.5"w x 20"d x 67"h

Item # H146 SOLD
This is a cute little dresser, its a good size too. It has one long drawer over the two doors at the bottom and nice panelling on the lower doors too. This turned out really well, its such a cute size.
38"w x 19"d x 71"h


Item # H168 SOLD
This is a bit of a monster. The thick green paint does it no favours at all really. It has the original bread slide still there which is a nice touch. Didn't the top come up lovely - this went to Stroud as a birthday present, great.
52"w x 22"d x 82"h

Item # E120 SOLD
The thing that strikes me about this dresser is how much glass there is in the doors. It looks really open because the wooden edges are not too thick. Nice single drawer on the bottom unit too. This turned out looking great. We painted it after it had been restored and it looked a million dollars.
40"w x 20"d x 77"h

Item # E118 SOLD 
So the first thing that strikes you about this old dresser is definitely the colour....yes its very red. Have some faith though, underneath that paint lies a lovely piece that you would be proud to own, the little shapes on the sides are cute too.
42"w x 18"d x 70"h

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