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Here are some more dressers for you to look at. They were not all sold when I posted them here, but they are still good for reference so that you can see before and afters to give you more confidence when looking at just the before.


Item # A234 SOLD
This is a nice looking dresser. It has a single drawer instead of the more common two, so it looks quite narrow. The curly bits on the bottom of the top make it look really different. There are little diamonds on the lower doors too. This dresser came out great, our customers wanted it painted, with the bits on the doors left in the natural wood, we just delivered it and it looked fantastic in the room.
41"w x 21"d x 78"h
 Item # A230 SOLD
This is a good sturdy dresser. Its unusual to have the fret-work on the face of the dresser rather than in the sides, but it really works. You probably can't tell but we have actually cut this little guy down by 4" on the width to enable it to fit in our customers kitchen. Looks pretty stunning now.
39"w x 20"d x 77"h
Item # E154 SOLD
Okay so maybe this is not everyone's idea of a dresser but I suspect it will end up in a kitchen somewhere, I may post it elsewhere on the site too. Great piece with two doors over two drawers, over two doors. Lots of storage here. I know it doesn't look too different in the before and after shot, but trust me this was stripped and restored, then re painted in Pointing and the clear glass replaced the original.
47"w x 21"d x 77"h
Item # E155 SOLD
Here we have another whole pantry cupboard thing going on, with enough doors and drawers for anyone. This is not going to like going upstairs, so please think access before you set your heart on it. This has turned out really well, its amazing how, something as simple as a cornice and a plinth can totally transform something.
52"w x 19"d x 75"h

Item # H178 SOLD
Again I am not sure this should be here on the dressers page, but I thought it would look really good in a kitchen, maybe with back boards on the top part. Lets get that green paint off and see what we are dealing with first.
50"w x 16.5"d x 84"h


Item # A231 Bottom SOLD, Top SOLD
This is quite a simple, plain dresser which we get asked a lot for. No frilly bits, just good honest straight lines.. well apart from the curves at the top. We are going to restore the base and re-paint it then add an open-rack to the top - watch for the after photo - its going to look great. If you click on the before photo you can see how the top turned out too.
42"w x 21"d x 78"h

Item # C146 SOLD
Look at this for a different, and very good looking dresser. Nice and long, it gives lots of storage in the three cupboards to the bottom with lots of separate bits to the top including little doors and six little drawers. This looks fab now its all restored, the photo was taken in the early morning sun and makes it look rather more orange than it actually is in the flesh.
67"w x 21"d x 75"h


Item # E102 SOLD
I love these big dressers that fill the whole wall. What else would you need in your kitchen I say? Its got a good combination of doors and drawers and glass doors and solid doors and even a bit of work space to boot. This is going to look fantastic in our lovely customers home in Glastonbury.
52"w x 19"d x 75"h

Item # H101 SOLD
This little dresser does not look at its best in this unusual choice of colours. With a good stripping and a total rebuild it will end up looking fab. Wow doesn't this look great now, we have painted it in a very pale pink and it looks brilliant.
44"w x 22"d x 79"h

Item # C172 SOLD
It would be wonderful if we could leave this dresser in the original blue paint. I guess we will have to see what the customer wants that is going to buy it. I know it doesn't look like we have done anything, but we have actually restored it without having to lose the lovely paint, we brightened it up by painting the inside, lets hope someone wants to buy it like this and doesn't want it stripped!
41"w x 21"d x 77"h

Item # H123 SOLD
I like these little plain looking dressers because they always pleasantly surprise people when they have been restored. Watch this space.
44"w x 19"d x 73"h

Item # H108 SOLD
This after photo is the amalgamation of the top of the dresser next to it and also the bottom of the dresser that you see below - H107. We have completely re-worked it all. The top has been altered so that the door at the bottom in the centre has gone and we have made a door for the space that was above it, we have also replaced the sides with chunky "legs" to give a great country look. The frilly bits from the top of H107 below have also been used to finish off the newly made space in the centre. A truly stunning transformation.

Item # C165 SOLD
This dresser is not going to win any beauty contests - BUT having said that, it will look a lot smarter once we have restored it all and given it some life. So the bottom has been sold for china storage in a living room and the top is going in a kitchen that we are building in Bristol.
59"w x 23"d x 78"h

Item # H107 Bottom SOLD {SEE ABOVE PIC}
Well, what can I say. This pine dresser is certainly a bit different, it has bulbous frames around all the doors and someone must have spent an absolute age painting all those bits. I am sure this can some out the other side and win some awards.
51"w x 21"d x 74"h

Item # E121 SOLD
Okay so I know you are not going to be bowled over by those plastic handles, but what a good looking piece. All those tram lines down the sides of the top and the bottom. This turned out stunning, and its quite clever too, if you click on the after photo you can see that the back of the dresser has been cut down to allow for a radiator on the wall behind it, but still a useable cupboard.
47"w x 23"d x 73"h

Item # H111 SOLD
Okay so this dresser is not going to win any beauty awards, but it does have potential, and with a bit of tender loving care this can turn into a me. Now look at how lovely it looks, and as this had to go up a tights staircase, we made it into a "knock-down" dresser, if you click on the before photo you will see how it is made up, and how it made it upstairs.
49"w x 21"d x 73"h




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