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Here are some more pine dressers for you to have a look at. Please note that all of these dressers were for sale when they were posted here. Please email us if you have any questions at all. Please also note that some of the measurements are subject to change once restoration has taken place.

 Item # E146 SOLD
This is a real beauty. This lovely big pine dresser has all the little ceramic drawers that are labelled with everything from Cumin to Rice and sugar...all in Hungarian of course. We have replaced the missing bread slide. This has turned out really well, I am thrilled with it, It is such a good looking dresser.
70"w x 23"d x 82"h
 Item # A229 Sides SOLD
At the other end of the scale is this monster dresser. This piece offers a lot of different storage options. You have the long doors to the outside, with two little drawers underneath them, then in the centre is a regular size dresser, with three doors to the top and a deep base offering lost of work surface area. There is also a pull-out bread slide...Hope this one does not have to be delivered upstairs!!
67"w x 22"d x 75"h
For Sale Item # H104
This was not easy to photograph, the top section stands on the legs that you can see with a solid back under it too, which is lying on the top at the moment. This has all sorts of possibilities too, it may work being sold in two pieces, and maybe the top section will look better hung the other way.
57"w x 22"d x 77"
Item # A236 SOLD
This is a nice dresser. The top section has pretty shaped panels at the top. The cut-out sides always look good too as they let a fair bit of light in. Look how fantastic this dresser looks now. We have painted the inside to brighten it up a bit.
43"w x 21"d x 72"h

For Sale Item # A102
I know its not going to bowl you over with its good looks, but trust me, after we have stripped it and restored it, added a nice cornice and plinth, you will see it in a totally different light. The two little doors at the bottom of the top part have to count for something in the looks department.
43"w x 20"w x 72"h

 Item # A185 Top SOLD
I know what you are thinking, yes its a bit rough around the edges, but it will be a great little dresser once we have restored it. You will not believe what the top is going to turn out like - it will be unrecognisable.
39"w x 19"d x 72"h

For Sale Item # A187
This dresser is currently all in one solid piece, but I am sure that we can cut it down to come into two for ease of delivery. Another quite deco feel to this one, with the rounded corners and the little doors in the top.
40"w x 19"d x 70"h

For Sale Item # T194
Okay I grant you, this is not the prettiest dresser that you have ever seen, but it will come out looking great once we have restored it. It may even sell as two separate pieces. Nothing it over til its over.
39"w x 17"d x 77"h

 Item # T197 SOLD
I know what you are thinking, but please give us the benefit of the doubt. This little dresser will come back to life, it just needs a lot of tlc. So we have had to re-size this little fella, and put an open rack on the top, just wait til you see the after photo.
42"w x 20"d x 67"h

For Sale Item A235
This dresser has quite a lot of things going for it - the paint colour not being one of them! It has a little door one side of the top and three little drawers the other. The base is quite large and has one single drawer and two nice big doors.
44"w x 21"d x 37"h

For Sale Item # A186
Here is another dresser that may well end up being sold as separate pieces. You could always hang the top cupboard on the wall above the bottom for a better look.
39"w x 18"d x 67"h

Item # A227 SOLD
Now this is a stunning piece of furniture. Its not the normal dresser configuration  but it is such a wonderful piece. There is a really big two door cupboard beneath a separate little "rack" with two little doors to the outside and a little open shelf in the centre. This is a real treasure. This turned out just fabulous. Our customers were really thrilled too. I love a happy ending.
39.5"w x 19"d x 73"h

Item # A103 SOLD
This is a good dresser, quite wide with three doors to the top. The mustard and green paint are not doing it any favours, but as always, with a bit of tender loving care, this will become a really great dresser. How great does it look now? We have added a shelf at the bottom of the top section so that the top can be hung on the wall. It still looks like a dresser but it frees up the work surface.
51"w x 20"d x 74"h

Item # A238 SOLD
This dresser does not look much at first glance, but when you stand next to it and realise how tall the base unit is. It is quite an amazing piece. We ended up cutting the base down in depth and painting it all in James White - Stunning.
47"w x 24"d x 80"h (base is 43"high)

Item # C167 SOLD
This is a smart looking dresser - it is nice with the little shapes to the top doors, it just breaks it all up a bit I think. Good size dresser with lots of storage space in the bottom and the top parts. Wow doesn't this look great now, we have completely restored it and then painted it in an off-white - gorgeous.
51"w x 22"d x x78"h

Item # E153 SOLD
This dresser may well end up being sold in two pieces, that little top part is very sweet. Well we have kept the two pieces together for the time being, its so cute now it has all been stripped and waxed.
40"w x 19"d x 74"h

Item # AY404 SOLD
This is a lovely English piece. The top was not originally on this bottom - you will see the base for sale in the Dresser Base pages. The top can be altered to suit as there are not too many places that could house this rather tall piece. All that we have added are the backboards, and a few coats of paint.
68"w x 30"d x 106"h


 Item # T196 SOLD
This is a nice little dresser. Good size - we can replace the spotty glass if you want clear. This may even sell as two separate pieces. This is going to look great in the after photo, we have to cut the width down by 10" so it is going to be a really cute size, we are reducing the depth too.
44"w x 20"d x 74"h



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